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At Sussex Road School, we strive to ensure that all of our children become competent and confident readers and to develop a love of reading. All classes have well equipped book corners with age appropriate, exciting texts which the children are encouraged to browse through in independent reading time. In addition, class libraries have quality non-fiction texts which have been matched to curriculum topics to enrich the children’s learning experiences.


There is a comprehensive programme for the teaching and practising of reading. Teachers hear the children read frequently: as part of English lessons, whole class reading sessions, shared reading across Key Stages and Guided Reading in small groups. In addition, some children will have individual reading with an adult at least three times a week.


We encourage parents to listen to their child’s reading every day, even after they have become confident decoders, so that they can support their comprehension and higher level skills.  It is important that children understand why we read. They need to experience the range of feelings that a book can create or the power that can be gained from accessing information. Reading must not only be confined to stories. Many children love reading comics, magazines, newspapers, information books and poetry. All of these reading activities are encouraged at Sussex Road School.


Ultimately, we want the children to be stimulated and thoroughly enjoy their reading, giving them the essential skills to step forward in life with confidence.


Supporting your child at home with reading