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Welcome to Sussex Road School Science

Through our Science curriculum, we aim to develop inquisitive lifelong learners.  The children are encouraged to think creatively when problem-solving and to make connections.  We want children to question the world around them as well as the results of their investigations and observations - to ask why?  In teaching Science, we try to make the learning as interactive as possible so that children have the opportunity to explore ideas and to find things out for themselves.  We place an emphasis on teaching children the appropriate vocabulary for each area of the Science curriculum so that they have the language to communicate what they have found out or demonstrated.  Making links with other areas of the curriculum is important in bringing Science to life and enabling children to see the subject's relevance to their own lives, the wider community and the world around us.  We want our children to be curious about the world around them and to think about the impact that we have on it and it has on us.