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Why do we use Tapestry at Sussex Road Primary School?

Tapestry enables schools to track the coverage of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum areas and the depth of children’s learning within them.  Teachers can easily record and view learning outcomes that have been taught and measure the depth of understanding that individuals and groups of children have reached.


When making assessments, teachers can quickly identify those children who are demonstrating expected knowledge, skills and understanding, and see any children who are above, or are slipping below, expected attainment. Schools can decide on the benchmark expectations for their children and can continuously measure this against the national expectations. This allows teachers to see at all times where children are in relation to the school expectation of achievement and also where they are against the national expectation.


When analysing data, teachers will see clear graphical and tabular charts that enable them to track attainment points, measure and monitor progress and see, at a glance, areas of the curriculum still be covered. Such information will helps teachers plan and prepare their lessons and individual interventions more effectively.  Find out more here: