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George's food type sorting

Leo's Persuasive Letter to Cliff

Paul Klee creations


Finn's Sea Monkey Poster

Issy's SeaMonkey Leaflet!

Sophia's Sea Monkey

Xander's Sea Monkey Poster

Ethan's Sea Monkey Poster

Taran's Sea Monkey leaflet

Megan's Sea Monkey poster


No really. It is.


Leo: Why can't you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom? Because the 'p' is silent.


Mr. Woodsell: What does a cloud wear under its raincoat? Thunderwear.


Chloe's pizza making

Leo's Seawig Poem

Can you find the ticked features in the poem?

Finn's Creative Writing

Finn's Information Text

So interesting to learn about the venom!

Xander's Story Writing

An excellent range of sentence starters Xander

Kayla''s Story Map


I share some of these hopes too James

Kian's All about Snakes presentation

Kian's 'Seal' of Approval

Still image for this video
Kian caught sight of this seal when fishing in Hythe. What animal class does the seal belong to?

Chloe's Narwhal Power Point

Xander's Sarcastic Seaweed Poem

Superb use of rhyming couplets Xander!

Ethan's Character Profile

Your character description is excellent. You have thought deeply about Iris' personality and made connections in the text, using inference and retrieval skills. I'm impressed you discovered the link between her name and the fact Iris is short-sighted. I wonder if this is a coincidence or a little joke between the author and the reader.

You have also used conjunctions effectively within and across the slides e.g. however, as, finally.

A superb presentation. Well done Ethan.

Finn's Comic Competition Entry

Finn's competition entry

Lara's Latest Posters!

Brinley's Latest Posers!

Isla as the Sarcastic Seaweed!

Still image for this video

Dylan's 7 marine wonders

Still image for this video

Eva's Seahorses

Sarcastic Seaweed

Your facial expression is brilliant!
Love the sea mammal tee shirt. No ... REALLY. I do

Toby's Hallowed Shallows advert

Toby's Challenger Deep

Johann's Shark Teeth

Johann collected these himself whilst beachcombing

Sophia's Seawig

Kayla's Seawig

Check out the process that Luke went though...

Still image for this video

Luke's Comic Strip

Finn's Comic Strip

Adverbials, thought/speech bubbles, ellipsis. Yes!

Dylan's Map!

Emmie's Poster

I love the confident strap line at the end

Finn's Final Draft

Finn's Poster

Finn has shown us his drafting process

Luke's Poster

Dylan's Healthy Recipe

Still image for this video

Fiona's Poster

An eye-catching title

Leo's Poster

Effective use of alliteration/near alliteration

Mehrin's poster

Check out this Arctic poster created by Louis!

Isla's Seawig!

Poppy's Seawig

Isabella's Rambling Isle

Luke's Iris Diary Entry

Megan's Hallowed shallows advert

Ben's Hallowed shallows powerpoint

Ethan's Rambling Isle

An inset day well spent

Toby's drawing and comic

Megan's comic strip

Poppy's Note

Luca's Maths Maze

Leo's descriptive and figurative language (metaphors and similes)

Finn's Octopus

Xander's Clownfish

Grace's Starfish

Chloe's narwhal

Luca's sublime shark drawing!

Viktoria's final draft

Max's final draft

Fearne's final draft

Ethan's Incredible Tiger Shark

The picture Ethan reproduced
Ethan's drafts
Ethan's final draft

Sophia's Awesome Tropical Fish

Draft 1
Drafts 2 and 3
The picture Sophia reproduced in her drawing

Fiona's Orca mind map

J's interpretation of What Lurks Below.

Fearne's fish

Max's shark

Lola's drawings

Alex's drawing of a Narwhal

K's Big Catch

Has K answered our Enquiry question already?
Luke's yummy healthy stir fry and garlic bread!
Luke's persuasive letter to Alfie