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Term 6 - Museum of Artifacts!

Year 5's Museum of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts!

Welcome Year 5!

This term, you will step into the roles of a historian and/or an archaeologist and have a range of opportunities to get creative and fully immerse yourself into one of the world's most intriguing and advanced civilisations. Whilst we have the Year 5 Gallery, we thought it would be a lovely to showcase the 'artifacts' and 'relics' which you may end up producing throughout the your investigations and explorations (our very own museum, if you will!) We hope you enjoy sharing what you have "discovered" and admiring what your fellow historians have also been up to.


Discoveries and research conducted by Archaeologist Neo!

Explorer Eve recreates ancient hieroglyphs & monuments!

Archaeologist S unravels Book of the Dead!

Egyptologist Georgia recreates marble carving of Goddess Isis!

Historian Sophie T discovers sarcophagus & Book of the Dead!

Archaeologist Liam recreates full Wall Painting!

Historian Henry M creates Wall Painting!

Egyptologist Tilly B recreates Pyramid structure!

Discovered by Historian Sophie T!

Ancient Egyptian Dress-Up!

An Egyptian mummy- guess who?

Archaeologist Charlotte's sphinx and pyramid

Egyptian Hannah and her shaduf.

Pyramid Recreation!

Famous Egyptologist HM performing Egyptian Poetry!

Still image for this video
Rare video footage of an Egyptologist performing the poem 'Mummy!'.

Want to do some more of your own exploring? 

Check out the websites below which have loads of great resources and information to get stuck into!