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Thursday 11th June 2020

Before 0900- Wake Up and Get Dressed

Get ready for the day with independence; have a wash, dress yourself, eat breakfast and brush your teeth. 


0900-0930 - Reading 

What is your favourite part of the story?  Why?  What is your least favourite part of the story?  Why? 
Draw a picture with labels or write sentences to show your answers. 


You could also have a go at our comprehension questions about the story to discuss and answer.   

  1. Where is the story set? 

  2. When Gran first dug up a worm, what did the boy want to do with it? 

  3. What type of worm is the story about? 

  4. What trick did Gran and the boy play on the worms? 

  5. Who are the boy’s new friends? 

  6. Do you think it is important to look after worms?  Why or why not?   


0930-1000- Writing Challenge 

To warm up, start with some Handwriting - you could rewatch one of Mrs Cunningham's videos on Tapestry.


It’s time to be a wormologist!  This should fit in nicely with some Forest School time time.  Start by thinking (and writing) about some ways that you can be responsible and respectful wormologists.  A worm is a living creature so we must be very respectful if we find one. 

Can you use Gran’s techniques to go outside today and find your own worms?  Don’t forget what you wrote yesterday about being respectful to the worms – they are living creatures so be careful. 

Have a look at the worm when you find one, can you see or think about all the different parts of the worm that we learnt about in the story?  Think back to your worm descriptions on Monday, do they match to what you have found today?  Is the worm you have found a young worm or an adult?  We would love to know what you have found! 

As an additional challenge – you could make your own wormery!


1000-1030- Home Learning Challenge (to continue after Break Time until 1130) 

Choose a challenge!  We now have 4 Reception Home Learning Challenge Grids to choose from. :-)  


1030-1100 Break Time 

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc.  with a glass of milk or water.  Take some time to relax, maybe you could listen to another story online.   


1100 - 1130- Home Learning Challenge 

Continue your Home Learning Challenge that you started – don’t forget to try and upload it to Tapestry so that we can see it!  


1130 - 1200 – Maths Challenge 

Warm up by counting to 20, forwards and backwards.  You could also rewatch Ms Woolford's number writing videos on Tapestry to help with your number formation - use the search bar and type in 'Maths writing number ...' to find the video you want.

Collect sticks (or other objects) of different lengths.  Can you put them in order from shortest to longest?  Are there any that are the same length?  Can you find something longer than the longest stick?  Can you find something shorter than the shortest stick?  Can you measure each object using a consistent non-standard unit of measure – what is the difference between the lengths?


1200 - 1300 - Lunchtime 


1300- 1330 - Phonics 

Open Tapestry and watch the video ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds.’  Say the sounds along with Miss Bailey; can you remember them all and say them before she does?  You should watch and say your Speed Sounds every single day.   

Now that you have done your Speed Sounds, we are going to do some reading!  There are two challenges to choose from today: 1) Revisit the Reading Activity sheet, or .2) Can you be a sound detective and spot all of the words with the ay sound?  The story is a challenge to read – you could read it to your child and see if they can hear the sound or they can underline the words that they spot.

Both documents can be found in the 'Additional Resources' section. 


1330 Onwards- Plan, Do, Review 

Encourage your child to make a Learning Choice from a list of options (change these to suit) but they should include selecting from: 

  • Indoor exercise (Cosmic Yoga - found on YouTube or GoNoodle);

  • Go for an afternoon walk;

  • A Home Learning Challenge;

  • A Forest School Challenge;

  • Be creative (craft, painting, playdough, baking);

  • Exercise (ride your bike, go for a run, play football/rugby);

  • Quiet activity (independent reading, puzzle, colouring, board game);

  • Screen time on a learning wesbite/app (links can be found on the ‘Useful Websites to Support Home Learning’ section of our COVID-19 Yr R Page). 


When your child has made their choice, discuss: Where are they going to do their Learning Choice?  What exactly are they going to be doing?  How are they going to do it? 

When they have completed their Learning Choice, Review it.  What went well?  How could they improve it?  You could revisit it tomorrow afternoon to improve.  What have they learnt?   


When you have finished, enjoy some free time to yourself or to spend with your family.   

We hope you have had a lovely day and we can’t wait to see your uploads on Tapestry.