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Thursday 14th January 2021

Word of the Day


What does it mean? 

Can you think of synonyms and antonyms? 

What word class does it belong to: adjectives, verbs, nouns or adverbs? 

How many syllables does the word have? 

Can you include it in a sentence? Remember capital letters and punctuation. 



Roald Dahl 

Read the text all about Roald Dahl! You may remember some information from when we researched and wrote about him last term. Maybe you could write down any facts you remember before reading this text and then see if they match up to information you are reading. Answer the questions that are on the sheet. It might be helpful to underline key words in the questions to remind you of what to look for.



Multiplying 3 Numbers  

When you are multiplying three numbers, it might be easier to put brackets around the first two factors and work that out first. For example:   

   2 x 4 x 5 = ____ 

(2 x 4 ) x 5 = ____ 

         8 x 5 = 40 


Can you work out 3 x 7 x 6? Add your brackets to the first two factors and work that out first. 

Watch the White Rose video which will go through examples. Make sure you grab a piece of paper and pencil to work out the answers.

Have a go at the White Rose worksheet. If you get stuck on your multiplication, you can try doing repeated addition to work out the answer.  

8 x 6 = ___ 

8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 48 


Finished? Would you like a challenge? Have a go at working out the fourth challenge called 'Spaceship'. The document is in the learning resources.



Work through the SPaG Activity 4 questions. Today's questions focus on punctuating a fronted adverbial, word families and compound words. If you're not sure what these are, they are two or more smaller words that combine together to make a new word with a new meaning e.g. cow + boy become cowboy. If you have log-in details for Lexia and Spellzone, spend 5 or 10 minutes working through them. 



You are going to use the 5Ws to help you write an introduction. You will remember these from our newspaper articles about Edmund Hillary. They are also really helpful when you want to write an introduction.  People listen to music because they enjoy it. People also enjoy doing other things like reading.. Discuss  these questions about readiing with a partner and note down key words. Check out my notes in the Notes powerpoint (in Learning Resources). How do they compare to yours?




You will see I have used my notes to develop full sentences and then combined them together to create my introduction. Your task is to answer the 5 W questions about music listening and use these to write your introduction about how music listening has changed over time.  Use the 5Ws Planning Frame to help you. You might also want to include the aim of your writing in your introduction. 


Wider Curriculum - RE

This term, we are attempting to answer this question: 

What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?


While you watch the video, think about these questions. You should discuss them with someone else afterwards.


How are different characters feeling?

How are they treating one another?

What is the message in this video? What is it trying to say?


Then read the RE Lesson Plan 1 to find out more (in Learning Resources)



| The Amazing World of Gumball | Cartoon Network

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