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Thursday 16th April

Morning Year 4!

*High five* 

Are you ready for another day of challenges? 

Just a little something we'd like you to remember:


Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do!


Word of the day:  Smuggle  


- Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words!  
- What is its word class?  

- How many syllables does it have (clap each syllable to help you)?

- Make a list of synonyms and antonyms  

- Can you use it in an interesting sentence? 

Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?  


0900 - 0930 - Reading 


Have you done any reading over the holidays?

Write book review for others! It would be wonderful to create a bank of these to share with one another! 


Spend some quiet time reading to yourself or with a family member! 


0930 - 1030 - Maths

Today we are going to do some written methods of multiplication. First of all let's wake up those brains after the holidays. Play this game.


Then look through the document called Multiplication Explained. You might have been used to using an expanded method or a shorter method when we were in school. Use whichever method you prefer. Then complete one of the activities, mild, spicy or hot. All the challenges are in the same document so just pick the one you prefer from the document called Mild, spicy and hot challenges.


If you complete this and still have time, then there is a challenge called further multiplication challenge.


1030 - 1100 - Break


1100 - 1130 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

The Wheel of Adjectives! 


Game time: 

1. Spin for an adjective

2. Everyone write a funny sentence with that adjective in 

3. Everyone picks their favourite sentence

4. Whoever's sentence is picked gets a point! 


You may choose to create your own wheel of adjectives! 


1130 - 1215 - English


To get us started with this term, I would like you to think back to the last time you went to the dentist. 


What happened when you were there? What did the dentist do? Where did you sit? Who was with you? What was it like in the dentist surgery? 


I would like you to write a recount/diary entry of your visit! 

For example... this is the start of a diary entry I may have written when I was younger about a dentist trip:

Dear Diary, 

Today was a bit of a weird day, my mum tricked me into going to the dentist! How could she have done this to me? 

It all started in the morning when the tooth brushing timer magically disappeared - Mum said she was timing it. I was adamant that it had been longer than 3 minutes but she said otherwise. I never thought she would lie and trick me. After that, it was breakfast time ...or so I thought! Apparently we were running late to get to Marks and Spencer so she hurried me out the door with the promise of a bacon sandwich in Tunbridge Wells. I should have sensed something was up but I was naive and fell for the promise of the bacon sandwich!


Illustrations to accompany your diary entry would be fantastic! 


1215 - 1315 - Lunch


1315 - Enquiry

This term, we are going to be (mostly) scientists: We are going to learn how food travels through the human body, the different parts of the digestive system and what those parts do. We will also explore the benefits of healthy, nutritious food choices for the body. Today, we’re going to briefly introduce ‘digestion’. Read the Lesson Plan to get started!


See documents below for full task.