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Thursday 16th April

Welcome to Term 5 - It's great to have you back


We've really enjoyed seeing what you have been doing so far on Twitter and via email. Be sure to keep sharing your amazing efforts with us, it's wonderful to see. Remember our online safety rules and if an adult sends an email of your work, ask them to put Forest School in the subject line so it gets to us.

We are sharing what we've been up to on the Forest School Diary page, so keep an eye on that too. Here is the link to find it


Remember you can complete the Forest School activities in any order and as frequently as you like. You can check back through the previous days and see if there is something else you would like to do.


Today's challenge is a chance for you to complete a classic Forest School activity - build a den.


If you don't have a garden, don't worry you can build an indoor den. Always check with an adult first, that they are happy with what you are going to use to make your den and where you are going to create it. Maybe you could draw a plan of your idea and show it to a parent first, don't forget to label it!

Can you borrow a bed sheet or a large bath towel? Think about where would be a suitable space for you to make your den and how you will hold the sheet up. Remember the Forest School rule and never put anything heavy above your head and always make sure the den is stable before anyone gets in. Maybe you could drape the sheet across a couple of chairs or a table. Do you have some cushions or pillows that you could put in your den to make it cosy?


How will you use your den? Here are some ideas...

1. Have a picnic - maybe you can eat your lunch in there

2. Make it into a quiet reading space

3. Create a new classroom and complete one of your other learning activities in there - maybe it's the perfect space for maths

4. Make some invitations and invite a parent or sibling for a visit

5. Maybe it's an observation den - record what you see from your new space 


Have fun!