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Thursday 16th July

Our suggestion for your day:  

 Discuss word of the week before starting your school day. Can you use the word through out the week?


0900-0930 - Reading  

This week's story is on the week's learning home page.


Once you have watched the video, choose a reading learning choice from the grid provided (Term 6 homepage). 


0930-1000- Maths Challenge  

This week you will have a different maths problem to work through and solve everyday!


10:10-11.10 Snack Time and Learning Choice Time  

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc. with a glass of milk or water. Make your own learning choice, there are ideas on the grid on our main learning page.  


1115-1200 – Comprehension

Click on your phonics group document for this week's comprehension.


1300- 1330 – PE  

Choose an online work, play in the garden or go for a cycle, scoot, walk or run!  


1330 Afternoon Learning

This week will are asking you to think about moving into Year 2. Miss Bailey and Miss Williams have planned an activity for you to complete each day. Please upload these to Tapestry so your teachers can get to know you a little bit more. If you have any worries or questions ask your grown ups to email or text your teacher so we can get back to you with an answer :)