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Thursday 21st May 2020

Bonjour l'année 6. Nous espérons que tout va bien?

Don't panic, that's your lot in french, for today. We hope there aren't any pink noses from the beautiful sunshine yesterday; it was very hot, wasn't it? Well, it's Thursday and we've nearly made it to half term. Sticking with the biography theme, on this day (21st May) in 1688 Alexander Pope was born, as was Elizabeth Fry in 1780, Mark Cavendish in 1985 and John C Allen in 1907. Maybe you could choose one of them to find out what they are famous for? Not sure whether we like John C Allen or not!

Enjoy your Thursday everyone and keep those good turns going. Wonder how many cups of tea have been made?


Word of the Day SPHERICAL


definition    word class    syllables    synonyms    antonyms    use



Make your own 10 pin bowling set: use toilet or kitchen roll tubes and set them up in a triangle formation.  Use a soft ball to try to knock them down.  You could try a scrunched up piece of newspaper if you haven’t got a suitable ball.


Independent Reading

If you’re running out of reading ideas, has lots of ideas sorted according to year group and areas of the curriculum so might help you find something new.



You’ll need to use your comprehension skills this week as you do your research for your biography: make sure you understand what you are reading about your chosen person rather than copying chunks of text.



Fractions of an amount



If you haven’t already had a break, take one now – you’ve earned it!


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

Adverbial Phrases

You are hopefully including these in your biographies.  They tell us where, when or how something is done.

Spot the adverbial phrases in these sentences.

  1. Once they had figured out how to use the technology, the Year 6 teachers enjoyed chatting using Teams.
  2. Mrs Fitzpatrick decided to finish reading her book in the garden.
  3. With reluctance, Mrs O’Brien set off for another shopping trip.
  4. After eating all the fudge she had made, Mrs Kempe felt a little queasy.
  5. In the car park, Mrs Pullin spotted the neighbour’s cat hiding under one of the cars.



How’s your biography coming along?



What do you drink to accompany your lunch?  Water?  Or do you prefer something with flavour?  Hot or cold?



RE: the final session on Humanism and Christianity.

Over dinner?

Philosophical Question

What do you wish for most at the moment?

English - biography writing