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Thursday 23rd April

Make a mini maze


Make a maze for a mini-figure, either one you already have or you can make your own out of paper or recycled objects. Your maze could be made out of Lego, sticks or maybe empty food boxes. Think about what will be at the centre of the maze, will there be a prize?

Here are some ideas to extend your learning...

Draw and label a plan first.

Write some instructions to follow.

Add some features to the maze? Where will be set? Maybe in a forest, under the sea or in a fantasy land. 


Don't forget if you started keeping a weather diary earlier in the week to add in today's weather.


As always it would be great to see what you come up with.

You can share on Tapestry (Years R and 1), via the School's Twitter feed or by emailing the school.

Don't forget to put Forest School in the subject line and please remember our online safety rules.