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Thursday, 25th June 2020

Hello Year 5 or 'Salam' as they say in Azerbaijan!

Wow! What a scorcher! We hope you didn't eat too many ice creams yesterday to stay cool! Did you enjoy Frankie Yu's football tricks? Of course we taught him all he knows, especially the balancing the ball on a bottle and book, on top of his head. That is one of our easy ones! It was interesting to hear about Fairtrade Footballs... We had only really thought of Fairtrade food before. How many Fairtrade products did you find in your cupboard? Is your cupboard immaculate now? 

We are continuing our Financial and Economic Well-being Week, looking at how much energy we use everyday in our house and how much this costs us. 


Today's book recommendation comes from Liam Lenaghan: 

"Boy Underwater," by Adam Baron.

Cybelime Igloo (yes, really!) has NEVER been swimming. Not ever. Not once. But how hard can it be? He's Googled front crawl and he's found his dad's old pair of trunks. He's totally ready. What he's not ready for is the accident at the pool - or how it leads his mum to a sudden breakdown... Now, with the help of friends old and new, Cymbeline must solve the mystery of why his mum never took him near water - and it will his whole life upside down! 


 Word of the Day:  Furlough 

Look up what the word means, what word group it belongs to, place it accurately into a sentence and work out what prefixes/ suffixes could be added (remember this last one doesn't always count!). 


09:00 - 09:30: Reading.

Read and complete the Cloze Procedure (fill in the missing words) on the Pharaohs. 


09:30 - 10:30: Mathematics.

Calculate Angles on a Straight Line! 

Again, we are continuing with some warm-up activities looking at money as it's Finance Week! 

Work through Thursday 25th June - Maths Task Sheet. We're looking at angles still, but this time we're focusing on how you can use key facts about angles to help you find measurements, without using a protractor! 


10:30 - 10:45: Break/ Snack/ Exercise. 

Have a snack and try to get some fresh air if possible. 

Cricket: Catching!

Now, you have perfected your bowling technique, could you bowl to someone and get them to hit it back to you? Can you catch the ball? 


10:45 - 11:15: SPaG. 

Look at the Flipchart PDF Grammar - Possessives

Look through the slides for Thursday 25th June. Try the warm-up, adding the apostrophes to the sentences. Then, have a go at the different Qs. 

  • Work through the Grammar Sheet
  • Get someone at home to help you with dictation. 

Remember to have a go at Lexia/ Spellzone! 


11:15 - 12:15: English/Writing.  Who was Tutankhamun?  

Think about the information you found out from the artifacts in Tutakhamun's tomb.

Watch this brief introduction:


Create a poster about the 'Boy King', thinking about:

  • Who his relatives were, 
  • How he became a pharaoh and
  • His death. 

We will be studying his tomb and fantastic treasures tomorrow! 


12:15 - 1:15: Lunch/Exercise. 

Try to get some fresh air if it is safe and appropriate to do so.


1:15- 1.30: Quiet Reading Time:

Listen to Chapter 20 of the Time Travelling Cat. A mysterious tale that will take you back to Ancient Egypt. Click on our remote audio book page. We will be using this book later on in the term. 


1:30 - 2:45: Enquiry: P.S.H.E - Financial and Economic Well-being! 

Continuing with our financial theme of being an ethical consumer, we are going to be think about how we can save energy and money from our household bills! enlightened


  • Read the book, complete the online activity & complete the quiz! 
  • Complete the 'I Pledge' Sheet keeping a tally of how many times you use certain types of energy in your household! 
  • Can you work out how much money your family spends in a week (7 days) on these appliances around the house? 


2:45 - 3:00: Philosophical Question. 

Today's Question: Should a nurse get paid the same as a doctor?

Spend some time during dinner or at some point in the evening, discussing this with the other people at home! We're sure there will be some interesting responses.

We look forward to hearing about your responses! 


Yesterday's Q: Should everyone get tips if they have done a good job?

Mrs. Hudson: Mmmmm? A tricky one. I give a tip to my hairdresser, a taxi driver and a waiter or waitress for them having done a good job. They still get paid a wage though, but it probably will take in to account the fact that they will receive tips. Does this mean that these people work harder to get a better tip? Should they actually get paid a better wage, so that they don't need to rely on tips? It would be interesting to see what these professions think. 

Miss Martin: I try to tip regularly, especially people like waiters/waitresses or if a service has been really great! I know in some professions in other countries, the employees rely a lot on tips for income but in our society, a lot of services that we tip do receive a consistent wage. By if you have to even think about tips (or rely on them..) in the first place, it suggests those professions may not have enough in their wage to start with... an interesting one! 


We look forward to hearing your responses! Log in on Friday for more wonderful learning! Have a great  evening.