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Thursday 26th March

Shape, colour and texture

Here are some suggestions for today, you can pick one, do them all or choose something different. 

* Find a leaf in the garden and see if it matches any on the leaf ID chart. Remember to check with an adult first if you want to pick it, it might just be their favourite plant or tree!

* Draw a leaf in the middle of a piece of paper, maybe you'll choose one from the chart or design your own

* Can you turn the leaf into part of a larger piece of artwork? Maybe the leaf will become a dog's tail, a rabbit's ear or the body of a car. Be creative, it's your artwork.

* Maybe you could paint the leaf and use it to print a design or make a leaf rubbing with crayons

*Is there somewhere you could display your artwork for your family to see, you could start your own Forest School gallery

It would be fantastic to see some of your creations on our Twitter feed, ask an adult to share and remember our online safety rules.