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Thursday, 26th March 2020

Good Morning Superstar Year Ones!


Aren't we lucky to be having such beautiful weather! We hope you are all keeping well and showing our school values just as well as you do at school.

Our suggestion for your day: 


0900-0930 - Reading 

Choose a book of your choice to read to yourself or to someone in your family - you could log on to Tapestry to listen to Miss Bailey or Miss Jeffery read a story! Can you read a story and record it for Tapestry?


0930-1000 - Maths Challenge 

See the document at the bottom. Today's maths challenge is all about subtraction. Choose which method you are going to use (Make sure you are challenging yourself) and write down the number sentence in your maths books  

Extra: if you want to challenge yourself further, see if you can complete all of the challenges. Don't forget to write the date at the top. 


1000-1030 – English Challenge 

Learn a poem! 

Choose a poem (there are some suggestions on the document below) but you could choose your own! Learn to recite the poem by heart. This means that you can perform the poem without reading the words! Make up actions to help you.

Watch Michael Rosen perform "Chocolate cake" – can you be an entertaining poem teller?


1030 - 1130 Snack, relaxing time, choosing time 


1130 - 1200 - Phonics or Spelling 

Watch the RWI sound videos on Tapestry. Can you say the sound before Miss Bailey does? 

Learn or revise the "oa - goat in a boat" sound.  A document is below to help you. 

If you are confident with the "aw’ sound then learn to spell the word “ask” using the document below. 


1200 - 1300 - Lunchtime 


1330 - 1400 PE 

Will you choose some supermover routines, Joe Wicks work out, ride your scooter (safely!) or try some cosmic yoga?


1400 - 1515 Topic 

On Wednesday you made a farm with at least one type of animal from each of the groups we have learnt about (mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians). Can you become an animal expert and make a fact file about the animals in your farm? Which animal group are they from, what are the features of that animal group, what do they eat, where do they live? We suggest you split this learning over Thursday and Friday afternoon. You could make these fact files in anyway you like, examples: 

  • Written fact file with pictures, labels and captions 

  • Video fact file using your farm to show the different animals. 

  • Labels added onto your farm 

  • A poster about each of the animals 

  More information on the document below.


1515 End of the school day! 
Enjoy some time with your family :)