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Thursday 26th March

How’s it going Year 3? I guess the novelty is wearing off a bit now!

Keep going however…. There’s lots of learning to be done by us all. Hopefully you are demonstrating reciprocity at home – that means ‘balanced levels of give and take in relationships’. Has someone at home helped you? What have you done to help them?!

Here we go now, today’s learning:


8.50am Word of the Day – hunker down

Find out what it means and its word class (adjective, noun, verb, adverb?).  It will be easy to use it today - especially if you make another diary entry!


9am Joe Wicks PE workout (YouTube)

Oh yes! This is the way to kick start our day! Trainers on? Let’s go!


9.30am Read to an adult

Find in the text and write down: a contraction, a verb, an adverb and a compound word.

(Write the short date, book title and pages read in your Writing exercise book.) 


10am GoNoodle and Maths

GoNoodle -

Maths - Fractions of amounts 1. See sheet below. Work in your Maths book.


11am Take a Break


11.20am  Grammar and Spelling

Lots of different Spelling and Grammar exercises for you J. See sheet below


11.30 am Writing Descriptive Sentences

See sheet below.  Write the work in your exercise book.


12.30pm Lunch


1.30pm RE

Just as we looked in school at the symbols and activities Jewish people use to celebrate Passover, you are going to look at the symbols and activities Christians use celebrating Easter. Then you’re going to compare the two festivals. See the sheet below.


2;15-2:30 Break


2:30-3:15 French

Bonjour! Ça va?                                                                                  (See sheet below)

I have some fun work for you playing games using the numbers in French. Ooh la la!


Celebrate!  You're done! :)  Congratulate yourself on lots of learning – What was your favourite activity today?