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Thursday 30th April 2020

Before 0900- Wake Up and Get Dressed

Get ready for the day with independence; have a wash, dress yourself, eat breakfast and brush your teeth. 


0900-0930 - Reading 

Choose a book of your choice to read to yourself or share it with someone in your family, discuss it and enjoy it.   

You could log on to Tapestry to listen to one of the teachers read a story!  Which Mystery Teacher will be reading your story today?  What did you like about the story?  Why? 

You could also watch a CBeebies bedtime story if you would like to, or search Youtube for stories.   

Good children’s authors to search for include: Julia Donaldson, Oliver Jeffers, Giles Andreae, Sophy Henn, Morag Hood, Jill Murphy, Emily Gravett, Nick Sharratt. 


0930-1000- Maths Challenge 

Warm up by counting to 20, forwards and backwards.  You could watch Ms Woolford's video on Tapestry as well to practice writing your numbers if you want to.

Investigate 20.
Start by watching this numberblocks episode (Series 4: Twenty).
*When children write the number 20, reiterate the message that you are writing 2 for two 10s and 0 more, not 2 and 0.*
Can you find 20 things from around your house? 
Have a go at representing 20 on your ten frames.  Can you find the different number bonds of 20?  You could use the part-whole model to help you.
Challenge: Write each of the number bonds of 20 that you find as a number sentence. E.g. 10 + 10 = 20.


1000-1030- Home Learning Challenge (to continue after Break Time until 1130) 

If you fancy a change, I have uploaded some PE Activity Cards to the 'Challenges' section of the Yr R Page.  Don't forget you could also use this time to learn some of our VE Day songs ready for the sing-a-long on the 7th May. :-)  

You can choose one of the challenges on either of your Reception Home Learning Challenges grid to complete and, if possible, share with us on Tapestry.   


1030-1100 Break Time 

Have one healthy snack: a banana, apple, orange etc.  with a glass of milk or water.  Take some time to relax, maybe you could listen to another story online.   


1100 - 1130- Home Learning Challenge 

Continue your Home Learning Challenge that you started – don’t forget to try and upload it to Tapestry so that we can see it!  


1130 - 1200 – Writing Challenge 

Warm up by practicing your handwriting with your beautiful lead ins, starting on the line... You can watch Mrs Cunningham's handwriting video on Tapestry to help you, today's letter is 'c'.  

Today we are going to start writing our stories!  We are going to do a couple of sentences today and a couple more to finish it tomorrow.
So, today, start by writing the opening to your story.  How might it begin?

 -Once upon a time

-A long time ago

-One sunny day

-There once was a boy called Jack...

Introduce your character and your setting.  To challenge yourself, try to add as much description as possible.  Use your tales toolkit plan here to help you. 

Try to write one super sentence for each part of your plan.  There is an example of this in the picture below. 

You could use the vocabulary mat for some of the key words to help you if the words link to your story.  If your story uses different key words, before starting to write, you could make your own vocabulary mat to help you - your story key words might be labelled on your plan already!  



Note: When writing your story, the sentences can be as short or long as appropriate for your child. 

Set your expectations high (you might just be surprised!) with a quality model like in the picture above, then support your child as appropriate (you can form the sentence together and draw them scaffold lines to write on indpendently). 

Although our aim would be one sentence for each part of the plan, we know that every child is different.  Simplified versions of the picture above, for example, could be written as...

1 - "There was a girl called Poppy.  She lived in a house. It was next to a beanstalk."

or simplified further, 2 - "Poppy lived in a house." 

Don't forget that words written independently with phonic knowledge is what we are looking for so it might actually look like this... "Popee livd in a has."


We are looking forward to seeing how your stories develop over the next two days. :-)


1200 - 1300 - Lunchtime 


1300- 1330 - Phonics 

Open Tapestry and watch the video ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds.’  Say the sounds along with Miss Bailey; can you remember them all and say them before she does?  You should watch and say your Speed Sounds every single day.   

Now you have practised your Speed Sounds, it's time to practise reading words and sentences with our new 'ow' sound.  The Activity Sheet can be found in the Additional Resources section at the bottom of the page.  You could watch Miss Marchant's video on Tapestry to help you complete it.  


1330 Onwards- Plan, Do, Review 

Encourage your child to make a Learning Choice from a list of options (change these to suit) but they should include selecting from: 

  • Indoor exercise (Cosmic Yoga - found on YouTube or GoNoodle);

  • Go for an afternoon walk;

  • A Home Learning Challenge;

  • A Forest School Challenge;

  • Be creative (craft, painting, playdough, baking);

  • Exercise (ride your bike, go for a run, play football/rugby);

  • Quiet activity (puzzle, colouring, board game);

  • Screen time on a learning wesbite/app (links can be found on the ‘Useful Websites to Support Home Learning’ section of our COVID-19 Yr R Page). 


When your child has made their choice, discuss: Where are they going to do their Learning Choice?  What exactly are they going to be doing?  How are they going to do it? 

When they have completed their Learning Choice, Review it.  What went well?  How could they improve it?  You could revisit it tomorrow afternoon to improve.  What have they learnt?   



When you have finished, enjoy some free time to yourself or to spend with your family.   

We hope you have had a lovely day and we can’t wait to see your uploads on Tapestry. 

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