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Thursday 7th May 2020

VE Day celebrations.


Good morning Year 6. We hope you are well and enjoying seeing the sun again this week.  It's Thursday and today it's all about VE day celebrations. Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary since Victory in Europe. There had been lots of special plans for street parties, fly pasts and afternoon teas but understandably these celebrations are on hold. However, we have some great activities for you to have a go at so you can plan your own special lockdown version of VE day celebrations with your family. We would love to see pictures of you enjoying the day. 


If you fancy something different today, maybe you could have a go learning the Jive or the Lindy Hop? Mrs Kempe had a try; it didn't go well.wink

Independent Reading

Curl up in a corner, bury under your duvet, find a sunny spot in the garden, a warm spot on the balcony, or find a perch to perch on and carry on with your reading. We have loved being able to catch up with our reading a little bit during lockdown. The trouble is there are so many books we want to read. Any good recommendations for us?


Today, why don't you try and find out something about VE day? There are plenty of resources for you online. There are even readings of novels based during the second world war you could listen to. Spend a little time exploring.


Sing Along with Tom


At 11am live on his Youtube page we are going to have a school sing-along from our homes with Tom. Get the whole family to sing, including the rather poignant 'We'll meet again'. This was made famous by Vera Lynn, who was known as the forces sweetheart, in 1939. She is still alive today at the grand age of 103.


Spam sandwiches, meat paste or a mock fried egg for lunch? Maybe you could find about some of the food people were eating during the war? 

Have a look at the VE day celebrations page on the front page of the website There are plenty of things for you to be doing. Have fun everyone.

Philosophical Question of the Day

Can falling out make people stronger friends?

Have a wonderful day year 6. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful activities there are on the website.

We look forward to hearing all about what you got up to. Have a super weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

Right we're off to colour some bunting!