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Welcome to the Time review page.  


The learning here will allow you to start at the aspect of time you know you need to work on.  The documents here are listed in the order in which you should complete them.  However, should you feel secure in say telling time to the nearest 5 minute interval, then skip those activities and move onto the next aspect of time. The goal would be to finish all of these activities before the end of term.  If you finish the learning here, you can go back and complete the Year 3 work on the day pages starting on 15.05.20.


Any of the matching activities can be done as a pelmanism activity.  Pelmanism activities are great as they build up visual memory.  All you have to do is turn the cards upside down, muddle them up and lay them out neatly in a grid.  Take turns turning over 2 cards to try to get a pair.  If you get a pair, keep the cards.  If you don't find a pair, it is important to return the cards to their original places in a grid to support visual memory. Whoever has the most pairs wins. Please note that the pdf entitled analogue-pelmanism is meant to be done one page at a time, not all 10 pages muddled up! 


Here is a teaching clock if you need one. 


Telling time to the nearest minute tutorial. 


Here is a game to review telling different aspects of time. 


Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes on a digital and analogue clock.


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