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Welcome to your first Year 5 Virtual Transition Afternoon!

Moving to year 5 Art


What do you look like?

What are your interests, thoughts and feelings?

Which picture do you like best- the one with the doodles or the one with the typed sentences telling us more about the child?


  1. Decide which style of picture you would like to create that sums you up for your year 5 teacher.

  2. Take a photo selfie or ask your mum or dad to take a photo of your head and shoulders.

  3. Print it out. Black and white is best, as you can use bright colours for contrast on the background.

  4. Stick it on a piece of paper.

  5. Now let your imagination, your colouring, painting and design skills run away with you, as you create a background with a riot of colour or design.

  6. If you are doing number 2, create sentences about yourself e.g. I love spooning vanilla ice cream over crumble; I despair when it is raining, but I love the feel of the raindrops; My fluffy ginger cat, Humphrey, loves stretching in the sun.

  7. Stick these sentences around the picture or doodle to your hearts content.


We can’t wait to see your fabulous work!