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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Year 4! 

Weather wasn't as good yesterday but hopefully you managed to get some form of exercise! 

Today you have another set of fun challenges. Here is our suggested timetable: 



For the Maths starter today please play this game. IT is focusing on division facts. You need to chose Level 4 (level 3 if 4 is too tricky), then chose division and then mixed tables. You can then chose which tables you focus on.


We are now starting Summer Term, Week 4. Today's lesson (Lesson 1) is called Multiplying and Dividing Problem solving. From today, the worksheets will no longer be on the website but will be available in the documents below.


If you have spare time in your Maths lesson and you wish to complete more learning on these kinds of problems, then please complete the additional worksheet in the documents.



Listen to/Read Chapter 7 

Planning Paragraph 3 For and Paragraph 4 Against 


Today we are just focusing on these two paragraphs making sure we know what we need to/want to write. Like in school we need to map out/write down: 

  • Sentence openers 

  • Key words phrases  

  • Rhetorical questions  

  • Simple sentences  

All of which will help you when it comes to writing our discussion text.  


Before you write anything down, familiarize yourself with your ‘argument’ so why was Dad right to ask for help from Winnie and then for why dad should have asked for help . 

Find someone or something (a teddy!) to say your argument to and explain your reasoning.  If possible, record yourself saying it or ask the person to scribe down any key sentence openers or phrases that you used! Remember talk is one of the most powerful methods of planning!  

Once you feel confident with your argument begin noting down what you want to say, you could do this as a list or a mind map. Below you will find an example of planning which you may wish to use to support you initially.  


If you have time left, you may wish to draft your paragraph(s)! Remember when drafting it is all about going back to improve it!  Sometimes after we have drafted, we notice we have missed out a sentence or two which would support your argument. If so, go back and add to your planning notes! 



Today, we are learning about the digestive system. Below are some key scientific words you are going to read: 



Read the text carefully, 'digest' all the information you can and choose the level of questions you would like to answer.  Please write in full sentences. For example:


Question: The iris is found in which part of the body?

Answer: The iris is found in the part of the body called the eye.


Look at the underlined words. These are all the words I have recycled from the question to help me write my answer ... there are nine of them. Genius!