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Tuesday 21st April

Create a Weather Diary


We have been enjoying a mixture of weather while we have been at home. You won't be able to complete this activity all in one go but you can make a start today.

Go into the garden or look out of the window. Is it cold, warm or hot? Maybe you need a hat or suncream or maybe a coat or umbrella.

Think about how you will record the weather. Will you write a sentence or draw a picture. Maybe you can take a photograph or ask an adult if you can phone a relative you can't see face to face at the moment. Ask them what the weather is like where they are? Is it the same?

Maybe you could even have a go at weather presenting or make a rain catcher and measure the rainfall.


There are a couple of resources below but feel free to create your own...






As always it would be great to see what you come up with.

You can share on Tapestry (Years R and 1), via the School's Twitter feed or by emailing the school.

Don't forget to put Forest School in the subject line and please remember our online safety rules.