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Tuesday 23rd February

Good Morning Year 3.


Today, the piece of learning we would like you to upload to Tapestry is:  Guided reading


9:00- 9.15 Word of the Day/Flashback 4

                    Please write the short date 23.02.21, WOD, definition and a sentence of your own.

                    Below WOD show your workings and the answers to Flashback 4.

                    We will check Flashback 4 during the live session.


9.15-9.45 English – Oak Academy – Lesson 2 – To investigate suffixes: plurals

Watch this video, learn the 3 rules for adding a plural suffix and write down the 10 spelling words for this week.


9.50-10.35 Live Zoom.


10:35-1050 Guided Reading: You will be reading and answering questions about Hedgehogs. You don’t need to finish it all today and can continue with the same activity tomorrow.


10:50-11.05 Break - Get a drink, possibly a piece of fruit and some fresh air.


11.05-12.05 Maths – Today’s lesson continues with measuring but this time in metres. Here is the link: Spr3.7.2 - Measure length (m) on Vimeo


12.05-12.10 - Just Dance Disney Party Under the Sea


12.10-12.30 Spelling – Write the 7 remaining spelling words you were given in English Lesson 2 in sentences.

Remember to follow the 3 spelling rules learned during the lesson.


12:30-1:00 Lunch play

1:00-1.30 Lunch in classroom/your own kitchen. Which part of your lunch could you help prepare today?


1:35-2:35 Forest School -

As we would have taken part Forest School this term, click on the link to see what exciting activities you could do out of school. The activities are a mix of those that can be completed indoors, in the garden or on a family walk and can be done independently or with siblings/parents. Click on this link to take you to the Forest School page.


2:40-3:15 PSHE -Term 4 lesson 1


3:15 Story Time – Listen to Miss Hooper reading Varjak Paw by SF Said


See you tomorrow.


Varjak Paw Chapter 1 Part 4

Chapter 1 part 5

Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2 part 2

Chapter 2 part 3

Chapter 2 part 4