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Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Year 3!   


8:50am  Word of the Day – origin 

Find out what it means.  Write it in your book. 


9:00am  Read to an adult 

Write the short date, book title and pages read in your exercise book. 

Reminder, if you are working on Lexia, you should be using it 15 minutes today as well. 


9:30am  GoNoodle and Maths 

GoNoodle -  


Maths – Attached below is your work from yesterday that continues today. Please begin today wherever you stopped yesterday! Remember: complete section 1. Then complete the White Rose questions (section 2). Then return for section 3 - the problem solving. 


10.30am  Break 


10:45am Grammar and Spelling 

Please complete verbs-past tense. 


If you usually do Spellzone or Lexia, try these activities to improve your sentences. 

Select EASY MIXTURE to start. Click next patient. Read each sentence and identify what is wrong with it.  


11:15 am  English – I will never not ever eat a tomato - use speech marks/inverted commas to write direct speech 


12:15 pm  Lunch 


1:15 pm  DT – Where does our food come from? 

Please open DT Where does our food come from.  You will also need Where does our food come from – maps.  


2:30-3:00pm Take some form of exercise. 


3:00- 3:15pm Story Time 


Today’s Brainsqueezer: Do we really need to pay tax? 


The Last Chance Hotel chapters 39 and 40