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Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning :)

Philosophical question:

Do we really need to pay tax?


Word of the day: employment


  • Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words!   

  •  What is its word class?   

  • How many syllables does it have (clap each syllable to help you)? 

  •  Make a list of synonyms and antonyms   

  •  Can you use it in an interesting sentence?  

  • Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?


Reading : Head over to the reading challenges section to complete Tuesday's questions where you will continue answering questions about 'A Real Virtual World'.


Maths: This morning, we are going to spend a few minutes playing hit the button. Please practise division mixed.

Today's lesson is called Checking strategies.



SPaG : Please complete the spelling activity below.



Today we are going to build on what you did yesterday!  

The Beginning and Build Up


The only focus today should be on the beginning and the buildup. You need to bullet point/note plan what you want to include in each paragraph.  I have given an example below for what I might include in each of my paragraph notes. I have taken my initial sentence and expanded upon it (purple). The questions in blue are what I asked myself in order to make the notes. You may choose to write some of your own or use those questions to help with your thought process.  

At the end of your planning, if you are able to, record yourself saying the chapter out loud in full sentences ready for you to come back to on Friday when you are writing!  


The Beginning 

  • What happens at the beginning? 

  • Who are the characters? 

  • Where is it set?  


Miss Chapman’s Notes: 

Initial sentence: A magical mystical island appeared.  

  • Describe the ocean 

  • What are Cliff, Iris, Oliver and Mr Culpeper doing before the Island appeared? 

  • Who saw the island first? 

  • What did it look like when the island appeared? 

  • Describe the island after it came out of the fog 

  • How did the characters respond to seeing the Island? 

  • Does Oliver become hopeful? 

  • Glistening, blue, vast, empty, spacious, calm 

  • Chilling on the beach, basking in their glory, resting before continuing the journey  

  • Iris blurred vision - thought she saw a whale. Mr Culpeper corrected her.  

  • Twice the size of Cliff, rocky, like magic show 

  • Shocked, Oliver had a glimmer of hope he got goose bumps, Iris felt stupid, Cliff began to worry  


The Buildup  

  • What happens next?  

  • How does the story hint at a problem? 


Miss Chapman’s Notes: 

Initial sentence: The island was moving closer and closer to Cliff and it was chuckling triumphantly. 

  • How was it moving?  

  • What did the chuckle sound like?  

  • When/who did they realise the island was coming closer?  

  • How far away was the island when they heard the chuckle?  

  • What was racing through their minds?  

  • Swishing through the waves 

  • Deep, bubbles came out from her laugh 

  • Cliff could feel it in the waves before they saw  

  • Chuckle gradually got louder and louder  

  • Dread, confusion, concern,  




Yesterday, we classified a variety of marine animals into 7 distinct groups. Today, you are going to concentrate on just ONE of the marine animals. Really, it should be your favourite – the one that fascinated you the most. This will help you to achieve your very best in your learning today because you will find it easier to research it. You will complete either:


1] an information poster about your chosen animal

2] an information text


Below are the steps I followed to help me write an information text about the Sunflower Sea Star. These steps will be helpful whether you are creating a poster or writing an information text.


Step 1

I mind-mapped everything I already knew about the Sunflower Sea Star and new information I found out using the internet.





Step 2

I sorted similar types of information into groups. This helped me to organise subheadings and to write paragraphs on a similar theme in my Information Text - WAGOLL.

Read the Lesson Plans and Enquiry Resources carefully. There are lots of features you are aiming to include today. You will notice the WAGOLL doesn't include a labelled diagram. We know you will do this really well and instead have focused on what you need to include to produce an excellent writing outcome. Good luck!