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Tuesday 24th March 2020



Hopefully everything went well yesterday - did you spot the spelling mistakes in the French wordsearch?  That's what happens when you don't check things properly!  It was great to see on Twitter how some of you got on - keep the tweets coming!


Here's today's learning - enjoy!


8.50am Word of the Day SASHAY

Find out what it means, its word class and try to use it appropriately today in writing or speaking.


9am Joe Wicks PE workout (YouTube)

Who had a go at yesterday's?  If this isn't for you, please try to find something else each day to keep active.  YouTube has plenty of Just Dance video clips that you can dance along to.  Do any of you live next door to anyone willing to play football or tennis over the fence with you?  Probably best to ask first!


9.30am Independent reading

Read something that you enjoy.  It would be great if you could post some recommendations on Twitter for others who are looking for suggestions.


10am Comprehension

Re-read the DNA text and complete the 'Matching' activity.


10.15am Maths

Multiplying Triple Digits.  There's a MyMaths version and an attachment below.  As yesterday, choose which you would prefer to do.  If you choose MyMaths, it's set up to use grid method.  If you would prefer to use an alternative method, do it in your book and don't worry about filling it in on the screen (unless you want to).


11am Take a Break


11.20am Spelling

Have a go today at using some of the Year 5 & 6 spelling words in sentences.  Check you are spelling them accurately, obviously.


11.30 am Writing

How far did you get with your planning yesterday?  Once you have a clear overview of your story, make a start on your first draft.


12.30pm Lunch


1.30pm French

French colouring by numbers.  You'll find this attached below.


1.45pm Enquiry

Which challenge did you choose yesterday?  If you are still part way through one, continue with it today.  If you completed something, choose a different challenge today.

If you want some information on different countries, look below.


Again, spend about 60 - 90 minutes on this.


And that's Day Two!  Far fewer instructions today but hopefully enough that you know what's expected of you.