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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning Year 4 :-) 


Are you ready for today’s learning challenges?  

Remember that the timetable is just suggested, you don’t have to follow it verbatim.  


We would all very much like to hear about what you are up to at home and the outcomes of your learning. Maybe post on the school twitter feed or send a letter to school!  


Please complete your learning in your Home Learning book or maths book.  To support you in organizing your work, use subheadings for ‘subjects/lessons’ and date each day. 


Word of the day: Oblivious


- Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words! 
- What is its word class? 

- Make a list of synonyms and antonyms 

- Can you use it in an interesting sentence?

- Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?  


0900 - 0930 - Reading

Choose a book that interests you and read to yourself or to someone in your family.  In your Home Learning pack, there are a variety of questions you could answer with a sibling or a parent. Also attached below is a Check Parent_Reading_Prompts for further support. 

In the Home Learning pack, you have a pack of comprehension questions, complete Violet 1. Remember to read the passage carefully and refer back to it when answering the questions. 


0930 - 1030 - Maths 

Today we will be doing some learning about place value. Please select the learning that you feel is best for you from mild, spicy or hot challenges. There are also some word problems to have a go at. Please answer all the questions in your maths exercise book. Find this learning below in the Maths document section.



Use the following link to practise your times tables: 



1030 - 1100 - Break 



1100 - 1115 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Today is all about recapping your conjunctions! Can you identify the two different types?  

Your challenge is to apply what you have learnt to describe Dumbo! If you don’t know who Dumbo is, take a look at these clips:  


1115 - 1200 - English

 The Frog Prince continued...  

Your task involves using all we have learnt this term about narratives and specifically fairy tales! Become the author and recreate a scene between the Frog Prince and his Princess.  

Here is a YouTube link to the story to refresh your memory:  

See documents below for full task.  


1200 - 1300 - Lunch


1300 - Enquiry - Domesday Book

Read the quotes taken from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle. These are real quotes taken from real Anglo Saxons at the time the Domesday Book survey was taken. What do these quotes tell us about how Anglo Saxons felt about King William's survey? Look at the Domesday Book powerpoint. Why was the Domesday Book important to William? Read the Domesday Book Information Text and use this to help you answer the questions on the final slide of the powerpoint. Record answers into your Home Learning Book as full sentences.


See documents below for full task.


Have another super day, 

Mr Woodsell, Miss Chapman and Mrs Lee