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Tuesday 24th November

Tuesday 24th November

 As you have seen from our main page, we will put on daily challenges for you to complete just as if we were at school. We will use Tapestry a lot for videos and you to share your home learning with us.


Our day is going to look like this today. Miss Wilson and Miss Jeffery are busy working on the rest of the exciting home learning you will be doing over the next 2 weeks. 



Here is some more information to help you plan out your day.


We are going to have a zoom meeting this morning to talk about our next two weeks at home.  




Watch the video on Tapestry of our speed sounds. 

Read the story you took home yesterday. Reread it so you can fluently read the green and red words in your story. 

Have a look at the speed words at the back of your book. 



We are going to be continuing to take away building on our learning from yesterday.  

Watch today’s video telling us about the subtraction symbol. 

Match up the pictures to the right story.  

Challenge: Can you create your own pictures that also show the story? 


Learning choice time 

Have a look at the grid below and select a learning choice. 





We are going to be thinking about our families today. Who are your special people? 

How can we show our special people that we care about them?  

Use the spider diagram below or you could create your own to write about your special people.  



Last week we started to think about how a dragon would move. Can you try our dragon moves at home? 

Have a go moving around your house being a dragon using these moves and listening to our dragon music. 



Maths teaching video - taking away using the symbol

Dragon dance music