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Tuesday, 31st April 2020

Good morning Superstars!

Our suggestion for your day:


0900-0930 - Reading

Choose a book of your choice to read to yourself or to someone in your family - you could log on to Tapestry to listen to Miss Bailey or Miss Jeffery read a story! What was your favourite part? Why?


0930-1000 - Maths Challenge

Today you are going to be continuing look at capacity and volume.  To help you with this learning, watch the video provided on White Rose, Lesson 5 (scroll down to the 5th video) - . We recommend starting at mild and seeing how far you can get. Don't forget to write the date at the top.


1000-1030 – English Challenge

Use “and” to join ideas and sentences together. Use the challenges on the document to write “and” sentences. Don’t forget to use Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


1030 - 1130 Snack, relaxing time, choosing time


1130 - 1200 - Phonics or Spelling

Watch the RWI set 2 and 3 sounds on Tapestry. Can you say the sound before Miss Bailey does?

You are going to be recapping ‘oi’ and ‘oa’. If you need to recap the sound, look at the tapestry video to help. We have written some words but they are missing the sounds in the middle. Can you add ‘oi’ or ‘oa’ to make real words. Once you have made the words, can you create some alien words using ‘oi’ or ‘oa’ and name the aliens.


1200 - 1300 - Lunchtime


1330 - 1400 PE

Cardio work out

Striking practise. Use a soft ball or large pair of socks. Can you practise your striking technique? What are the 3 things you need to remember? Can you teach someone in your family how to strike?


1400 - 1515 Topic

Create a family quiz! There are some question ideas on the document below.


1515 End of the school day!
Enjoy some time with your family :)