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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning Year 4 :-)


Word of the day:   simultaneously


- Find out what it means and write the definition in your own words!  
- What is its word class?  

- Make a list of synonyms and antonyms  

- Can you use it in an interesting sentence? 

Are you able to use it, appropriately, when you are speaking or in any of your writing opportunities?  


0900 - 0930 - Reading 

Complete the next comprehension in your Violet pack. Remember to read carefully and when answering look back in the text!

Once you have completed your comprehension, take the time to do some quiet reading or shared reading with a parent or sibling. 


0930 - 1030 - Maths - 

We place learning on here every day but please don't feel that there is an expectation that you finish everything provided. It might take you two or more days. Please dont worry about falling behind other children as we will revisit topics often.


For now continue with the link I gave you yesterday doing lesson 2. (week 2, lesson 2 step 7)

Also see below if you need more work to do.



1030 - 1100 - Break


1100 - 1130 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Pronouns across sentences... 

How many silly sentences can you make repeating nouns? Challenge someone else in your household to correct it or answer a question based on what you said!! 


1130 - 1215 - English

...I am back with the second installment of 'The Revenge of the Three Bears!' 

Take a look at the video I have uploaded for what you need to do today!  In the documents section you will find my story maps and a picture of my makeshift English Working Wall. 


1215 - 1315 - Lunch


1315 - Enquiry

What might happen to a person if they break rules? At school? At home? At a club? If someone breaks a law today, what different kinds of punishment could they receive? I'll start you off ... if an adult parks a car on double yellow lines, they might expect to receive a parking fine. List the different punishments you can think of that are used now.


If they broke laws, how do you think people were punished in Norman times? Read the information text about crime and punishment in this historical period. You are going to write a response to the question, 'Was Norman punishment fair?' using the information text to help you. Questions to consider:


1. Did the punishment fit the crime?

2. How long would the  punishment take to complete?

3. How painful was the punishment?


Use the word bank to help you structure your response.


When you have completed your response, make a quiz. Perhaps you will make question cards, create a powerpoint quiz (see attached template) or devise a board game. Good luck! 

English and Grammar Documents

English Video

Still image for this video