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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Morning all!  How are you?  We hope you and your families are keeping well.

Here are a couple of fun facts for you: 'Muscle' comes from the Latin 'musculus,' meaning 'little mouse.'  People once thought that a flexing bicep looked like a rodent scuttling beneath the skin.

'Gymnasium' ('gym' for short) is from the Greek for 'exercising naked.'

Follow Susie Dent (from Countdown) on Twitter for more etymology.


8.50am Word of the Day PECKISH

Find out what it means, its word class and try to use it appropriately today in writing or speaking.

If you had to 'rank' the word alongside starving and hungry, which would be the most powerful?  How would you explain the difference in meaning between the three?


9am PE 

If you're ready to try some different physical activities, check out the Youth Sport Trust's website for ideas.

Although our timetable on here has set aside 30 minutes for PE, this was based purely on the duration of Joe Wick's workouts.  We hope you are able to be active for longer than this each day.


9.30am Independent reading

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and we may, at times, struggle to find one currently but being confined to home for the majority of the day does give us a lot more time to read.  Did anyone find anything interesting on Audible?


10am Comprehension

Re-read the DNA text and complete the 'Find and Copy' activity.


10.15am Maths

Today's maths focuses on developing confidence in working with larger numbers.  Take a look at the MyMaths activity or have a go at the codebreaker challenge attached below.  If anyone would like to make up their own code for others to try, email it to the school office and we'll get it uploaded to the website for everyone.


11am Take a Break


11.20am Spelling

How many of the -tious and -cious words can you find in the word search?  Find the attachment below.


11.30am Writing

We hope your stories continue to go well.  It's very possible that you are all at different stages, with some of you finished and others working on various drafts and not yet ready to present.  If you're still going, that's great - don't stop now.  Keep going and make sure you have something to be proud of.  If you have a finished story you are proud of, we'd love to see some of them: if you can, email them to the school office or post a photo on Twitter.  Have a go at writing a blurb to accompany your story that will encourage someone to read it.  An effective blurb draws the reader in without giving too much away ...


12.30pm Lunch


1.30pm RE

Now you know why certain colours are associated with Easter, think about how these could be used in the church on Easter Sunday.

You could design a set of robes for the vicar to wear.  REQuest has some templates that can be downloaded if you don't want to draw freehand:

Maybe you'd like to design a cloth that could be displayed on the alter.  If you're knowledgeable about flowers (or have access to information about them) you could plan a flower display that could be used at Easter time.

Traditionally, there is very little in the way of decoration or colour in the church during Lent as it is a time of repentance but all this changes on Easter Sunday.


2.15pm Enquiry

It was lovely to see some of you having a go at the aeroplane challenge yesterday.  It was a little windy at times: did anyone lose one over the garden fence?  What properties did your best plane have that enabled it to fly well?

Did you think like a scientist would during your investigation?  How fair was your test?  What were the possible variables (the things that can be changed - remembering to only change one each time) and what was your constant (the one thing you never changed)?  Today we'd like you to reflect on your investigation and record what you did that would be working scientifically and what you would improve if you were to do this (or something similar) again.

If you haven't had a go at the challenge, today could be the day!  Unless, of course, you are still enjoying learning about your chosen country and want to continue.  In that case, don't stop!


Have a super day, Year 6.  See you again tomorrow.