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Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Year 3,


Today, the piece of learning we would like you to upload to Tapestry is your Internet Safety - Keeping Your Personal Information Safe on the Internet poster 


9:00- 9.15 Word of the Day/Flashback 4 

                    Please write the short date 09.02.21, WOD, definition and a sentence of your own.  

                    Below WOD show your workings and the answers to Flashback 4.  

                    We will check Flashback 4 during the live input session. 


9.15-9.45 Guided Reading 

                   Please read The Salem Witch Trials  

                   Remember, the answers are all in the text!  Scan to find them. 

                   If you have time remaining in this 30-minute slot, please find a book at home to read. 


9.50-10.35 Live session. We are taking a day break from the Iron Man today. 

                    On zoom we will be having a Safer Internet Assembly 


10:35-10.50 Start watching Hector’s Keeping your personal information safe story online 

                      Links to story are on the Safer Internet – Lesson 1 


10:50-11.05 Break - Get a drink, possibly a piece of fruit and some fresh air. 


11.05-12.05 Maths - Today there is a video but there is no worksheet. You will need a dice in order to complete an activity on the video. If you don’t have a dice there are plenty of online dice that you can roll. Here is the link for the video: 


12.05-12.10 Go Noodle break 


12.10-12.30 Grammar - Complete Grammar Worksheet

The SRS handy guide to grammar can be found here 


12:30-1:00 Lunch play 

1:00-1.30 Lunch in classroom/your own kitchen.  Please help tidy up after you've eaten.


1:35-2:35 – Safer Internet Day – Lesson 

Complete watching Hector’s story and then make your Keeping Your Personal Information Safe on the Internet poster. 


2:35 Stretch with BBC Super Movers – 12 times table 


2:40-3:15 – PSHE - Complete PSHE In an emergency            


3:15 Story Time – Listen to Mrs Lee reading Wild Robot 


Dinnertime Philosophical Question:  Would you rather eat fruit or vegetables for the rest of your life? Why? 


We hope you’ve had a great day and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! smiley


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