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Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Year 3!   


8:50am Word of the Day – direct speech 

Find out what it means.  Write it in your book. 


9:00am  Read to an adult 

Write the short date, book title and pages read in your exercise book. 

Reminder, if you are working on Lexia, you should be using it 15 minutes today as well. 


9:30-10:30  Supermovers and Maths 

Dance with Filbert Fox to the 8 Times Tables  


Maths – Multiplying and Dividing by 8 

Summer Term Week 4 – Lesson 1 

There are 4 sheets here.  However, you simply need to recall the times tables we have already learned, so we know you will have success at a fast pace. 


If you can’t remember a multiplication answer, draw an array. 

4 x 8 = ____ 

* * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * 


If you can’t recall one of the division questions (e.g.  24 ÷ 4 = _______)...  

Remember to use the inverse operation  4 x ____ = 24.    


Count on in 4s until you get to 24. 


Draw dots and then circle sets.  You’ll be able to quickly solve the question then. 

   24 ÷ 4 = _______   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  


Even in Year 6 using drawings will help you visualise and solve problems, so get fast and efficient at doing it now. 


Need a review of just the 4 times table?  Play the x 4 matching game. 


10:30am  Break 


10:45am Grammar 

Please complete inverted commas in direct speech. 


If you usually do Spellzone or Lexia, try these activities to improve your sentences. 

Select EASY MIXTURE to start. Click next patient. Read each sentence and identify what is wrong with it.   


11:15am English – I won’t eat that, by Christopher Silas Neal. How we write direct speech in sentences.  Listen to I won't Eat That on SRS Books & Audio.


12:15pm Lunch 



ICT – J2E  Voting Results - 15 minutes max 

Follow the instructions to see how other children voted on your questionnaire. 

This won’t take long.  That said (and speaking from experience), you will need to show patience (count between 4-10 seconds) before some of the graphs appear on each question.  


 ICT – J2E  Branching Databases – main lesson 

Read ‘What is a branching database?’ 

Then, follow the instructions to make a branching database.  

Try to get to step 14 today having asked 2 questions and sorted the animals for both questions.  You will have time tomorrow afternoon to finish it.  SAVE before logging off! 


If you have no computer or would like a bit more practise before making a branching database/classification tree online, complete Classification Tree 1 and 2. 


2:45- 3:00pm Story Time 


3:00-3:15pm  Get fit!  Take a walk, do Joe Wicks, splash in the paddling pool, run around the garden, play shadow tag, ride your bike, throw a sockball, walk around the lake, jump on a trampoline, do GoNoodle, Cosmic Yoga or Supermovers. 


Today’s Brainsqueezer: What would be your absolute perfect day? 




The Last Chance Hotel chapters 21 & 22