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VE Day (7th May 2020)

Good Morning Sussex Road and Happy VE Day (nearly!)

Tomorrow is a very special day as it is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. This was a time of huge celebrations in our country after a time of great difficulty and sadness. Today at Sussex Road we are going to celebrate and remember why it is so important. If we were at school today, we would have dressed up in our Union Jack Colours so if you can wear red, blue and white today as part of the celebration, please do. 

What an amazing day!

Evie W has written a beautiful poem inspired by VE Day!

What was VE Day?

Reception wanted to show the different ways that people celebrated on VE Day.

S made a news video to explain what VE Day was.

Still image for this video

Power point by E all about VE day

VE Day | Victory 75

VE Day, 8 May 1945 was a day to celebrate. Victory in Europe Day marked the long-awaited defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allies and followed the formal acts of military surrender. In Britain, Churchill marked the occasion by declaring this day a Public Holiday. People held local street parties, danced and sang in the streets and huge crowds gathered in London around Westminster, Trafalgar Square and outside Buckingham Palace.

So, at Sussex Road, we have created some activities for you to do in your homes today to learn more about VE Day, ways it was celebrated and to think about what we can learn from it in 2020. We would love to see as many pictures of the results as possible so please share via twitter or email the school office with your amazing learning today.

Task 1Research the question 'What was VE Day?'


Use the link below to the English Heritage website and any other website you find to research some information about the day, why it was held, how did people celebrate etc. Write some notes in your books to help you out with task 2.

History KS2 | BBC Teach

Task 2 - Present your information


Use the information from your research to present it in an exciting way. It could be:

  • a comic strip of the celebrations.
  • a poem about VE Day.
  • a postcard from someone in 1945 describing the day the celebrated.
  • a video presentation of you discussing what VE Day is.
  • a powerpoint filled with facts and images about VE Day.
  • a playscript of a street party talking about the end of the war.
  • a poster encouraging people to join the celebrations.
  • a newspaper article describing the scenes around the country.


It is completely your choice but remember your teacher wants to see your very best efforts.

Here is a website with 72 creative ways to inspire how you display your learning.

Task 3 - Sing-along!


We are incredibly lucky to have the wonderful Mr Carradine performing with us today.


You should have been learning three songs over the last two weeks ready for today

Run, Rabbit Run

Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats 

We'll Meet Again


At 11am live on his Youtube page we are going to have a school sing-along from our homes with Tom. 

Tom Carradine's VE Day Sing-a-long Live Stream

Join Tom Carradine for a sing-a-long live stream to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

Task 4 - Street party food

Street parties were held all over the UK to celebrate. Can you make something that you could take to a street party? e.g. sandwiches, pie or cakes. In the English heritage pack underneath there are some great ideas for things to make.

Task 5 - Let's Lindyhop!

Have a go at the Lindy hop swing with someone at home. During VE Day, dance halls stayed open until midnight to let everyone celebrate. Use the VE Day home pack above and this simple step tutorial to help you give it a go!

Let's do the Lindyhop!

Simple sets to help you out!

Task 6 - Decorate your homes ready for tomorrow

You could make some bunting, flags, paper chains or make a Tommy soldier figure to put in your windows.

​​​​​​We would love, as part of your day today, for you to take some time with your families and think about this question.

At school we value resilience and reflectiveness because it is important to learn from our mistakes and do better next time. Does the same apply to war? If we continue to fight, will anything ever be solved? In fact if we fight or argue with our friends, then make up, does our friendship become stronger?

What about if you had gone to war, would you learn anything about the different countries, about working under pressure, working in a team, ways to solve problems such as discovering new medical advances or technological breakthroughs?

Even though we are celebrating 75 years of peacetime, have we actually had 75 years of peace.

We would love to know you and your family's thoughts. 


Tomorrow - 8th May 2020 - VE Day


The Royal British Legion is calling on people across the UK to join in a moment of reflection and Remembrance at 11am on Friday 8th May, the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, and pause for a Two Minute Silence. I hope that we will all support this aspect of VE Day from the safety of our homes too.


We are also encouraging everyone to undertake the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ at 3pm on the 8th May, from the safety of their own home by standing up and raising a glass of refreshment of their choice.