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Learn the VE Day songs

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On Thursday 7th May Sussex Road are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. We are very lucky to have Mr Tom Carradine performing a live stream with us at 11am on the day for a sing-a-long session. We will be singing 3 songs; "Run, Rabbit Run", "Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats" and "We'll Meet Again". In the links below you can find Tom practising the songs with the lyrics on the screen. Your task at home is to practise singing them so that on Thursday 7th May you'll be able to sing along live with Tom.

Song 1 "Run, Rabbit Run"

Here is the first song that we are going to be singing on our VE Day celebrations on Thursday 7th May. Learn about the history of the song and the lyrics with Mr Tom Carradine.

Song 2 - "Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats"

Here is the second song we will be singing in our live VE day stream with Mr Carradine. "Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats" for my special VE Day sing-a-long live stream on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 11am BST.

Song 3 - "We'll Meet Again"

The last song we will be singing together in our homes for VE Day "We'll Meet Again" on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 11am.