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w/c 13th July

Hello Year 2,


w/c 13th July 2020

Here is your timetable for the week



Monday 13th  

Tuesday 14th  

Wednesday 15th  

Thursday 16th  

Friday 17th  


Let’s play a dice game. Follow the instructions for Dotty Six for Two and play with someone at home. 

Adding investigation using Lego. Follow the challenges with the bricks being different values. Have a go at the odd and even number challenges too. 

Number round up. You need to use the numbers 1-6 to make each side on the shape add up to the number in the middle. Read the children’s comments and see if you can develop their ideas too. 

Zios and Zepts investigation. The aliens have different amounts of legs. Can you use trial and improvement to show how many of each alien Nico might have seen? Can you do some table maths organising the children in different positions (a bit like the teachers have had to do in school recrntly!) 

Look at the two squares, what is similar/different? The magic square’s rows, columns and diagonal add to the same amount. Can you create some magic squares? 


Unit 13 (p44) suffix ment 

Speed spell with the words from unit 12. Have a go at the spelling zone for this week adding the suffix -ment. The words have lots of sounds in them! Read them carefully and then write a sentence with one of the words in it. 

Unit 13 (p45) suffix ment 

Have a go at the dots and dashes for the root word. Careful of those spilt digraphs. 

Try to add or take away the suffix in the world changers. 

Unit 13 (p46) suffix - ment 

Can you have someone at home to read you the dictation sentences (p54-55). 

Let them test you on some of the words from this week. 

Suffix bingo! 

We have looked at lots of suffixes over the last term so let’s play bingo with them! Follow the instructions with an adult at home and get the family involved in suffix bingo! 

SPaG mat 

A range of punctuation and grammar activities including conjunctions, compound words and contractions! 


Pick a character from the Golden Earring to write a character description for. 

Create a mind map of adjectives to describe your character. 

Write 4-6 sentences describing your chosen character. Try to extend some of your sentences with ‘and’, ‘but’ or ‘because’. 

Write a book review for Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race. 

Answer the questions on the sheet to complete your review. 

Design a new front cover for the story ‘Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race’. 

Write a blurb for the book which would make people buy the book. Remember to not give too much away! 

Image what you would be like if you were a pirate! 

Write 4-6 sentences starting with ‘If I were a pirate’. Think about: 

- What would you look like? 

- What role would you play on the ship? 

- What would you want to do as a pirate? 

Draw a treasure map with lots of detail on. Include some of the ideas on the sheet or think of your own. 

Use the preposition and direction vocabulary to write some instructions to match your treasure map.  



The Enchanted Wood


The Enchanted Wood


The Enchanted Wood


The Enchanted Wood


The Enchanted Wood

Enquiry/ pm activity 

Pirate gymnastics 

This week we are jumping. Go through the input on today’s page and then watch the videos before having a go yourself. 




Transition Activities - listen to today’s Flat Stanley chapter. 


Miss Hooper and Mrs Lee have written you a letter. Read them and then have a go writing your own letter (in your best handwriting) to send into school for them. 

Transition Activities - Mrs Lee and Miss Hooper would like you to draw a picture of your favourite toy, teddy object or pet. Could you tell them a bit about it underneath? 

P.E - Visit the nhs ‘change 4 life’ website and play some of their Disney inspired games.   

PSHE – Look through the Rights and Responsibilities pdf. 

Read the examples of what being responsible looks like. 

Create comic strips to show someone acting responsibly and irresponsibly. 

Reflections and Goals -  

Today we would like you to reflect on your year in Year 2 and think about what you want to work on in Year 3. 

Write three things which you have succeeded at this year. 

Write three thigs which you want to focus on next year.