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w/c 15th June

Hello Year 2,


w/c 15th June 2020

Here is your timetable for the week



Monday 15th

Tuesday 16th

Wednesday 17th

Thursday 18th

Friday 19th


Place Value Recap

Complete the grid with number, words, expanded form and picture.

Add 1 and 10 on to a number.

Add < or > to show greater than or less than.

Place Value Recap

Write in each box what the digits represent. (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)

Put the numbers in order from smallest to biggest.

Draw an arrow to show where a number would come on a number line.

Number Bonds Recap

Remind yourself of all the number bonds to 10 and 20.

Write the number sentence to match the picture.

Solve the word problems with your number bond knowledge.

Fill the blank circles so that each side adds up to 20.

Multiplication Recap

Watch the videos on the times tables (2, 5 and 10).

Answer as many of the times table questions as you can in 1 minute.

Write two multiplication sentences to match the arrays.

Complete the table using the multiplication at the start.

Division Recap

Use the number line to divide through repeated subtraction.

Divide equally the number of marshmallows between the cups of hot chocolate.

Draw the array to match the number sentence and find the answer.

Extension - Use the numbers in the circles to make two multiplication and two division number sentences.


Special focus 4 (p29)

Homophones, can you remember what they are?

Choose the correct homophone to go in the sentences.

Unit 9 (p30) words ending in -el

Speed spell using words from unit 8. Look at all the -el words, read them. Complete the story using the correct words from the box.

Unit 9 (p31) words ending in -el

Complete the dots and dashes of all the -el words. How many sounds do they have?

Word changes – can you remove the suffix to find the root words?

Unit 9 (p32) words ending in -el

Can you have someone at home to read you the dictation sentences (p54-55).

Let them test you on some of the words from this week.

SPaG mat

A range of grammar and punctuation activities including contractions, expanded noun phrases and common exception words.


Continue reading the story. Make a mind map of the crazy piratey things that the Jolley Rogers did. Mrs Bevan wrote a letter to the Mayor, look at the example and have a go at writing your own letter.

We’re going to think about Mrs Bevan’s worry today – what if pirates took over Dull-on-Sea? Watch the video of a pirate town, what is it like? Write a paragraph of what it could be like.

Let’s read a bit more of the book. As Jim-lad left he gave Matilda a letter – what do you think it said? Predict and write the letter from him.

The Jolley Rogers have left town now, but they left a gift for everyone in town. How do you think the neighbours feel about them now? Create your own speech bubbles for what they might have said.

Last page of our story show Jim-Lad's letter to Matilda. Where might she want to go on their next adventure? Look at the world map of where they could go. Let’s write a reply to Jim-Lad suggesting where they could go.


The Enchanted Wood


The Enchanted Wood



The Enchanted Wood



The Enchanted Wood



The Enchanted Wood


Enquiry/ pm activity

Inside PE

Pirate dance

Use the pirate dance movements to start creating your own routine.

Play the music and practice the sequence of movements.

You are going to design your new pirate ship for the Jolley Rogers. Look at the checklist so that you don’t

Choose the materials that could be used to make the ship you designed. Why would you choose that material?

PE – Learn how to stretch properly using the cards. Create your own warm up and then go for a run!

PSHE – Which animal are you when it comes to dealing with a problem with other people?

Read the four problems and come up with three different solutions to solve them. 

RE – Watch the two videos about Buddha and Buddhism.

Think about how we can treat and care for animals like Prince Siddhartha.