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w/c 22nd June

Hello Year 2,


w/c 22nd June 2020

Here is your timetable for the week



Monday 22nd  

Tuesday 23rd

Wednesday 24th

Thursday 25th

Friday 26th


It’s Economic and Financial Well-being Week!

Reminder of the coins we know, we’re going to be calculating amounts and finding different ways to make amounts.

Now we’re going to be finding change like if we were buying something from a shop

Watch Miss Wilson reading the story ‘I want it All’ that will help our learning for today.

Think carefully about what we ‘need’ to survive and things that we ‘want’ to buy.

Have your own go at the save and spend calculator – what will you save up for?

Have a look on the NatWest Money sense website for some fun saving games.


We’re recapping fractions today so watch the videos on BBC.

Have a go at the mymaths challenge on your portals and the fraction activities on the pdf.

Let’s have a look today at finding fractions of amounts. Look at the explanation to remind you how we find fractions of amounts using bubbles/groups.  Use the pictures to help you answer the questions. Challenge: comparison questions.

We’re looking at 2-D shapes today.

Have a go at making patterns, categorising shapes in different ways and counting sides/vertices on the 2-D shapes.


Unit 10 (p33) words ending in -al

Speed spell using words from unit 9.

Look at the spelling zone, read the words. Choose the words which have 3 syllables – clap them out to help you. Mag-i-cal.

Unit 10 (p34) words ending in -al

Sound out our -al words and find how many sounds in them.

Can you remove the suffixes in our word changers today?

Unit 10 (p35) words ending in -al

Can you have someone at home to read you the dictation sentences (p54-55).

Let them test you on some of the words from this week.

Special focus 5 (p36)

The ir sound spelt w-or

Read the sentences and underline the ir sound we’re looking at. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

SPaG mat

Range of grammar and punctuation activities including sentence types, adverbs/nouns and using the conjunction ‘that’.


Listen to Chapter 1 from our new book ‘Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race’.

Highlight any information about the Great Pirate Race.

Plan your poster to advertise the race using the table.

Use your plan from yesterday to make your poster, advertising the Great Pirate Race.

Use the poster checklist to help you make the best poster you can.

Once you’ve finished your poster, listen to Chapter 2.

Listen to Chapter 3 from Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race.

Highlight all the words which tell us that Cannonball’s food isn’t enjoyed by the crew.

Create a mind map with possible ingredients for a disgusting pirate dish and another with imperative verbs.

Use your mind maps from yesterday to help you write the recipe for your disgusting dish for pirates.

Write a list of ingredients at the top and then underneath write the instructions/method. Don’t forget to leave a space for pictures!

Time to check your work from yesterday.

Check through your work for: spelling, capital letters, sentences making sense, time words and titles.

Try to add adverbs to your instructions.

Finally, draw pictures to match your instructions.


The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood

Enquiry/ pm activity

PSHE – Create a family using the cards and allocate household chores. Think about why you’ve allocated the way you have.

Think of some chores you could do. Should you do them for money or for kindness?

Inside PE - Pirate dance

  • It’s the next episode of the pirates today – On Pirate’s Island
  • Follow the instructions

Enquiry – Make your junk model pirate ship!

Collect all the things you will need to make the main body of your ship.

Watch the video of Miss Williams explaining how she made her pirate ship.

Create the main body of your pirate ship with the help of a grownup.

Enquiry – Continue to make your junk model pirate ship!

Finish the main body and then add the details such as: the masts, portholes, anchor, steering wheel and crow's-nest.

PSHE – Create a needs and wants diamond using the cards. What do you think people need the most and what do you think is something people just want. Try to do this activity with someone in your house so you can explain your choice and discuss different points of view.


Needs go at the top with the most important need at the very top. Wants go at the bottom with the least essential want at the bottom PE – Take a look at the Yoga poses and have a go at making and following your own Yoga sequences.

RE – The Bible (Old Testament and New Testament)

Read through the stories from the Old Testament. Can you find the lesson God is trying to teach?

Write a sentence or two to explain the lesson or lessons which are being taught through the Bible story.