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w/c 29th June

Hello Year 2,


w/c 29th June 2020

Here is your timetable for the week laugh



Monday 29th    

Tuesday 30th  

Wednesday 1st  

Thursday 2nd  

Friday 3rd  


Watch the recap of 3D shapes of the website. Recognise the shapes. Make some patterns and sort the 3D shapes. Count the faces and edges on the shapes. 

Today we are going to be making pictograms from tally charts. Have a go at the challenges. Collect your own data about something at home. Make a pictogram from the data you collected. 

Today we are interpreting pictograms. So, read the pictograms and answer the questions carefully. Look at the fruit, make a tally chart, pictogram and then answer the questions.  

We are looking at time every 15 minutes. Have a look at the clocks and write what the time is. Answer the true/false answers, draw the hands, have a go at playing the time game. 

Today it is telling the time to every 5 minutes. Write the time shown on the clock and draw the times underneath. Then answer the questions about comparing times. Look at the animals and see how long their journey took. 


Unit 11 (p37) adding the suffix -ful 

Speed spell words from unit 10. 

Have a look at the rule in the spelling zone. Read the adjectives carefully. Use the words to complete the blanks in the diary entry. 

Unit 11 (p38) adding the suffix -ful 

Can you do the dots and dashes for each root word? 

Word changers you have a mix of adding the suffix -ful or removing it to find the root word. 

Unit 11 (p39) adding the suffix -ful 

Can you have someone at home to read you the dictation sentences (p54-55). 

Let them test you on some of the words from this week. 

Special focus 6 (p43) 

We’re looking at contractions and using apostrophes. We’re focussing on I’ve and we’d. Find the contractions and then write the original words. 

Choose two of the contractions and write them into a sentence. 

SPaG mat 

Range of grammar and punctuation activities including common exception words, conjunctions and noun phrases. 


Listen to Chapter 4 of Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race. 

Read about what a shape poem is. 

Pick or draw a picture of a sea monster and label with noun phrases. 

Listen to Chapter 5 of Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race. 

Read about what a simile is. 

Use your noun phrases from yesterday to create similes about your sea monster. 

Copy your sea monster similes in your neatest handwriting onto the handwriting page. 

Draw the outline of your sea monster and then write your similes around it to create your sea monster shape poem. 

Read about acrostic poem features. 

Brainstorm as many words or phrases as you can about sea monsters. Use the questions to help you. 

Sort your words into the table and use a dictionary to help you think of more. 

Write SEA MONSTER down the side of your page. 

Write your acrostic poem challenging yourself to include alliteration and similes. 



The Enchanted Wood 


The Enchanted Wood 



The Enchanted Wood 



The Enchanted Wood 



The Enchanted Wood 


Enquiry/ pm activity 

Inside PE - Under the water gymnastics. 

  • We’re doing some balancing this week. 

  • Look at the pdf input and the balance cards to have a go at them. 

RE – The Bible 

Read about why Christians read and retell Bible stories. 

Read the parable of the Good Samaritan. 

Cut and stick the Good Samaritan story in order. 

Write a list of all the people who you should love. 

PE – Workout 

Use the alphabet to create your own workout using your name. 

PSHE – Thinking about staying safe. 

Draw and label a picture of all the people who help to keep you safe. 

Write a sentence for each person on how they keep you safe and when you would ask them for help. 



Today we are going to practise using a running stitch. Watch the video to give you some tips on how to do the stitch. Use an old piece of material at home to have a go yourself. 

We’re going to make our sails. So, we will use our running stitch to put a design into the flag. Use your design from a couple of weeks ago to help you. 

Watch the video of Miss Williams sew her sail.