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Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Year 2!


Keep going on Times Table Rock Stars, 2AW are currently winning but 2LW aren't too far behind. Keep playing and timestabling!


Word of the day: architect

How many sounds does the word have? Use your magic fingers 

What does it mean? Can you look it up in the dictionary?


Philosophical question: What is so great about the world anyway?

Miss Wilson: The world is such a wonderful place, even though we are in such difficult times it has given me time to appreciate the small things around us. Seeing the change in the countryside and even my garden has been great fun to watch. Nature in our world is great! The changes around the world since we've all been in lockdown are remarkable, the world changes constantly and seems to be healing itself a bit at the moment which is great. 

Miss Williams: The World has so much to offer which is what makes it so great. We can visit landscapes varying from the cool arctic (snow and ice) to scorching deserts, buzzing cities to the calming countryside. The World hosts the most amazing creatures, from the tiniest ant to the magnificent blue whale. But, what makes it so special to me is the people in this world. There are so many wonderful people who do incredible things everyday however big or small, from giving someone a  comforting hug when they need it to inventing electricity! As far as we know, we are the only planet lucky enough to have all of this. That makes us pretty great. 


Here is your timetable for today, remember we would love to see your work.

Send photos or scans to


Suggested times


9 – 9:30

Joe Wicks PE session

9:30 – 10:30


  • Watch the teaching video, have a go at the Flashback 4
  • Weigh the Disney characters, write their masses.
  • Use the balance scales and weights to find the weight of the objects.

10:30 – 10:45


Get outside in the garden for a kick around, run around or a bit of fresh air.

10:45 – 11:10

SPaG - Unit 6 (p21) adding the suffix –ness

  • Do the dictation sentences from the back of the book thinking carefully about this week’s rule.
  • Have a grown-up test you to get 4 in a row correct.

11:10 – 12:00


  •  Look at your plan (questions 5-8 only) to start writing the middle of your Great Fire of London story.
  • Read through the steps to success.
  • Read through the middle part of Miss Williams' example story.
  • Try to use some of the exciting words from the word mat.

12:00 – 1:00


Go outside for a bit of fresh air and play a game!

1:00 – 1:30


  •  Read or listen to Chapter 8 'Joe and the Magic Snowman.
  • Discuss how you think the Magic Snowman is treating Joe.

1:30 – 3:00


  • Watch the video of Miss Wilson looking at the buildings built after the fire.
  • There is a YouTube video to watch about Sir Christopher Wren.
  • Make a mindmap answering the question ‘Why was Sir Christopher Wren important?’
  • Use these two websites to help you


End of the day

Enjoy spending some down time with your family.

Maths teaching video

Still image for this video

The Enchanted Wood - Chapter 8 'Joe and the Magic Snowman'

Enquiry teaching video

Still image for this video

Sir Christopher Wren

Watch this video to help you make your mindmap.