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Wednesday 1st April

Words on Wednesday


Welcome to Wednesday's Forest School learning. You may start this activity today but you might find you want to keep adding to it over the Easter break. You can get your whole family involved, maybe you can ask an adult if you can give a relative who you can't see at the moment a call and ask them to participate too.


Think of as many nature words as you can and display them as creatively as possible...

Maybe you can chalk them on the garden path and take a photograph, you might represent the words pictorially or create a costume and dress up as your favourite word. Can you put a piece of paper on the fridge that you and your family can add words to during the week?

Don't forget to find out the meaning of any words your family give you if you're not sure. You could even try and find out the etymology - the origin of the word. For example did you know that 'squirrel' comes from the ancient Greek and means 'shadow tail' because of the way it holds its tail like a sunshade over its back.


Here are a few more for you to investigate...

dune        prairie       honeysuckle      precipitation 

We would love see what you come up with, maybe you can ask an adult to share on Twitter, remembering our online safety rules. We will make our own and add it to the Forest School Diary page, look out for it over the Easter break.