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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Morning!  Last day of term!

Whilst it's been a strange couple of weeks, we're all really proud of you for the way you've adapted.


8.50am Word of the Day LUMINOUS

As always, find its meaning and word class.  You should be able to find some synonyms and antonyms as well.

Try to use the word in writing and speaking.


9am PE 

Joe's still at it!  Are you?

Have any of you been able to get out for a bike ride?  Mrs Pullin went out on hers for the first time this year the other day and is now feeling a little saddle sore! 


9.30am Independent reading

It can be hard to get time to yourself if the whole family is indoors.  Reading gives you that opportunity to escape to another time or place.  Enjoy it.


10am Comprehension

Re-read the DNA text and complete the 'Underline or Highlight' activity.


10.15am Maths

Today's Maths focuses on rounding.  If you prefer to print out the paper version rather than use MyMaths, there's rather a lot of questions attached below.  You do not need to do them all!  Each block gets progressively trickier.  Answers are included (any mistakes in the answers are not intentional!)  There are also a couple of questions that have come from old SATs papers.


11am Take a Break


11.20am Spelling

Those -tious and -cious words each have a value.  a = 1p, b = 2p, c = 3p, etc.

Which word has the greatest value?  Which has the least?  You'll only know if you spell them correctly!


11.30am Writing

Last day on those stories.  We're curious to know how how each of you have interpreted the same set of instructions and which stories you have chosen to rewrite.  We know there will be some really creative stories - both in content and presentation.


12.30pm Lunch


1.30pm RE

The Church's message at Easter often centres around hope for the future with reference to the Easter story and the resurrection.  If you could address a large group of people, what message would you give?  This could be religious (Christian or another religion) but does not need to be.


2.00pm Enquiry

Today is also the last day we're going to ask you to spend time learning about your chosen country.  We hope you've enjoyed finding out about somewhere else in the world.  I wonder how many of you would like to visit once travel restrictions are lifted and who has decided that they wouldn't enjoy being there.  Remember, we initially asked you to think about this in the context of moving to a new country, like the children who used the Kindertransport did.  There are some amazing places in the world but not everyone wants to visit: too hot, too cold, not enough creature comforts, too long / difficult a journey to get to.

To finish this learning, we'd like you to consider the environmental impact of travel.  Air travel has been much criticized recently and some people choose to stay in the UK.  Others travel abroad but only by rail or sea.  And there are those who believe travel is important - broadens the mind, builds understanding, etc. - so are willing to fly.  What are your opinions?  Are they the same as others in your household?  If you're using technology to stay in touch with others, what's their opinion?  Can you see any patterns?  Do people of a similar age share similar views?  Do people living in the same household have the same opinion?  Why might this be?


Year 6: as always, it's a pleasure to teach you - even if we're not enjoying communicating with you in this way as much as seeing you each day in the classroom.  Have a super couple of weeks - how creative can you be in entertaining yourselves?  Look after yourselves and your families and we'll be back for Term 5.