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Wednesday, 1st July 2020

Hello Year 5 or 'Maakye' as they say in Ghana!


Pinch! Punch! First of the month! We can't believe it is July already. We are so pleased that you are all enjoying the Ancient Egyptian work. It is wonderful to see your work. We are both SO excited about our whole class ZOOM call tomorrow too at 4.40pm! By now you should have received the password, so that you are ready to go. 

Today, we are assessing how brilliant you are with shapes and delving further in to King Tutankhamun's tomb. Enter if you dare! William Velvick has recommended a video, which I know we mentioned before:

It is about an hour long, but a great way to spend time if it is raining today. Also you could split it in to sections. Enjoy. 


Today's book recommendation comes from:   Ayla O'Brien  

The Land of Never Endings by Kate Saunders.

'The Land of Neverendings' mixes toys coming to life, sadness at losing family memories, coming of age and, most importantly, the necessity of imagination in a child's (and adult's) life.


Word of the Day:  Excavation 

Look up what the word means, what word group it belongs to, place it accurately into a sentence and work out what prefixes/ suffixes could be added (remember this last one doesn't always count!). 


09:00 - 09:30: Reading.

Read The Voice from the Pharaoh's Tomb by Patricia Leighton! 

  • Find the meanings of: bereft, cornelian, lapis lazuli, shackle and amulets! 


09:30 - 10:30: Mathematics. 

Recap: Have a go at these questions on Properties of Shape White Rose End of Block - Properties of Shape Unit Assessment

  • Let's see what you remember from this unit of learning. Try to complete the task without looking at your previous work... as best as you can! 
  • If you are struggling however, take a sneak peek at your books to see what could help you with a question! 
  • Once done, go through the answer sheet and self-mark! 


10:30 - 10:45: Break/ Snack/ Exercise. 

Have a snack and try to get some fresh air if possible. 

Sports Day Practice!  Get a spoon (make sure your adults know!). Wrap some scrap paper into a thick ball, with some tape! 

  • Can you walk with one hand behind your back, whilst the other holds the egg (paper) and spoon out in front, down the garden or around every room in the house? 
  • Can you try running? Don't drop the egg! 


10:45 - 11:15: SPaG. 

Look at Grammar Flipchart - Word Classes! 

Look through the slides for Wednesday 1st July - read through the example sentences, showing how the same word can belong to different word groups. Use the posters to remind you what those word groups are. 

  • Draw categories for the different word class given on the slide. 
  • Read the extract 'Word Classes' and colour-code/ write the words into the different word classes. 

 Remember to have a go at Lexia/ Spellzone! 


11:15 - 12:15: English/Writing.  Finding, then entering THE TOMB! 

Look at the pictures of the steps down to the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

  • Read 'The Discovery' from our picture book The Story of Tutankhamun in the Term 6 audio books. 
  • Them in your house or garden, create your own secret passage that is dark, gloomy and uneven! Use a blanket, chairs, anything you wish! You will need to crawl along it so it needs to be low!
    • As you move through the tunnel, imagine you are Howard Carter. Again, think about your sense and use the video to describe what you feel and how you feel. 

Brainstorm your ideas first! Could you use these words? craggy, rocky, stony, uneven, perilous steps, anxious, anticipating, exhilarated, major archaeological discovery, lighted candle, pitch black, as black as coal, extraordinary sight! 

  • Imagine you are Howard Carter digging the rock and descending into the tomb! Write a diary entry describing this! 

Don't describe the treasures in any detail. We will do that tomorrow!  


12:15 - 1:15: Lunch/Exercise. 

Try to get some fresh air if it is safe and appropriate to do so.


1:15- 1.30: Quiet Reading Time: I was There

Listen to Chapter 2 of I was there. This book tells the story of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, by a boy who was the water carrier. So it gives you a different perspective on this.  Click on our remote audio book page. We will be using this book later on in the term. 


1:30 - 2:45: Enquiry: History!  Lord Carnarvon!

  • Use the websites above to create a poster about Lord Carnarvon! 


2:45 - 3:00: Philosophical Question. 

Today's Question: Are miracles possible? 

Spend some time during dinner or at some point in the evening, discussing this with the other people at home! We're sure there will be some interesting responses.

We look forward to hearing about your responses! 


Yesterday's Q: What is a positive, a negative and an interesting fact about living in Great Britain?  

Mrs. Hudson: My positive is the freedom we have to conduct ourselves, although this has been curtailed recently due to Covid-19! My negative is that I still feel that there is often an inequality of opportunity for some people. My interesting fact is that it is treason to paste a stamp upside down! Did you know that? No, I didn't either!

Miss Martin: I think a positive of living in Great Britain is that we have such a diverse society. A negative is that I think we do have some way to go in terms of offering equal opportunity to all! Did you know that London is home to the largest ferris wheel in the world? The London Eye, of course! 

We look forward to hearing your responses! Log in on Thursday for more wonderful learning! Have a great evening.