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Wednesday 1st July

Happy Wednesday, Year 2 laugh

It was so so soooo lovely to see so many of you on zoom yesterday.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.



Philosophical discussion: Are miracles possible?


Here is today's suggested timetable:

Suggested times 


9 – 9:30 

Joe Wicks PE session 

9:30 – 10:30 


  • We’re going to be interpreting pictograms today. 
  • So, you have been given a pictogram to look at about sports. Look carefully at the key before answering the questions. Try to answer all of the questions underneath.  
  • Look at the different fruits, can you collect the data into a tally chart? Then try to make a pictogram using that data. Lastly use the pictogram to answer the interpretation questions. 

10:30 – 10:45 


Get outside in the garden for a kick around, run around or a bit of fresh air. 

10:45 – 11:10 

SPaG - Unit 11 (p39) adding the suffix -ful 

  • Can you have someone at home to read you the dictation sentences (p54-55). 
  • Let them test you on some of the words from this week. 

11:10 – 12:00 


  • Practise your handwriting today by copying your similes from yesterday in your neatest handwriting, either in your books or on the handwriting paper.
  • Draw the outline of your sea monster.
  • Write your similes neatly around your sea monster shape to create your shape poem.

12:00 – 1:00 


Go outside for a bit of fresh air and play a game! 

1:00 – 1:30 


  • Reread or listen again to Chapter 22 ‘Up to the Land of Toys’.
  • Write a list of delicious and disgusting ‘well-I-never rolls’ flavours.

1:30 – 2:30 


  • Use the alphabet workout sheet to create your own workout using your name.
  • Complete your personalised workout by using the labelled pictures to help you know what all the exercises are.
  • Once you’ve done your name, make other names up.

2:30 - 3:00 


  • Draw pictures and label all the people who keep you safe.
  • Write a sentence for each person about they keep you safe and when you would go to them for help.


End of the day 

Enjoy spending some down time with your family. 

The Enchanted Wood - Chapter 22 'Up to the Land of the Toys'