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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning year 6 laugh

Well wasn't yesterday's weather glorious and today promises to be even better.

We just won't look at the thunderstorms due for Thursday.

Did you know that on this day in 1927, Charles Lindburg, at the age of 25, became the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic. It took him an incredible 33 and a half hours. How on earth did he stay awake for that long? He became a hero overnight and 4 million people came to see him on a parade through New York City upon his return.

Maybe some of you could research him for your biographies?

Make sure you read the QCE sheet for maths for another flight fact on this day!



Word of the Day SCROUNGE


definition    word class    syllables    synonyms    antonyms    use



You’ll need a partner for today’s activity.  Once you’ve found one, stand in front of them – no touching!  You now need to mirror each other’s actions.  Try to be as physical as you can: star jumps, press ups, squats, etc.


Independent Reading

Where do you like to read?  Have you got a favourite chair to sit in?  Do you prefer to be in bed?



You’ll need to use your comprehension skills this week as you do your research for your biography: make sure you understand what you are reading about your chosen person rather than copying chunks of text.



Dividing with fractions



If you haven’t already had a break, take one now – you’ve earned it!


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

Direct and indirect speech again today.

When you rewrite direct speech as indirect speech, you don’t need to use exactly the same words as long as the meaning is the same, e.g. “The noise level is far too high,” complained Mrs Athey can be rewritten as Mrs Athey complained it was too noisy in the classroom.

Have a go at these examples, trying to summarise the content rather than repeat it exactly:

  1. “I’m just popping to the shops.  Does anyone want anything?” asked Mrs Pullin.
  2. “I want to do some baking this afternoon so I’ll need flour, eggs, butter and sugar,” Mrs O’Brien replied.
  3. “Why don’t you make a chocolate cake?  Get some cocoa powder, as well,” suggested Mrs Kempe.



Time to start writing today.



Which is better: sandwich, wrap or baguette?



RE: What is more valuable – peace or money?

Over dinner?

Philosophical Question

Does it matter if you are a boy or a girl?

English - let's get started on our biographies!