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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Happy Earth Day Year 6!


 As we said yesterday, we want you to spend the day enjoying the activities that Miss Marchant has prepared for us all and posted on the website.  These can be adapted to suit any age so feel free to work on something with a sibling or two - if you have any compliant ones to hand!


To get into the spirit of things, why not find something green or blue to wear?


As far as possible try to limit your electricity use today, including screen time, to see just how much you use on a normal day.


Don't forget to get out and about where possible and enjoy the outside world.  If you can't get out, don't forget to do something physical.  Try not to rely on a screen today to provide inspiration but devise your own activities.


Make sure you spend some time reading today as well.  The next two reading comprehension activities relate to the Art Gallery text and are the Label and True or False sheets.


We'll be back tomorrow with another fun-filled day of learning (we hope!)


All the best.