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Wednesday 22nd July 2020



We’re going to give you the same advice as the previous two days:

Lots of people like to start the day with something physical to get them going both mentally and physically.  If that’s not for you, make sure you do something energetic later on.



Although we’ve finished the formal transition sessions, we’re still keeping the move in our minds.  How does it make you feel to think about moving on?  Probably mixed emotions, which is entirely normal.

You’ll need some old magazines and newspapers that it’s okay for you to cut out – please check!  Flick through and look for words in the headlines that reflect your feelings and keep an eye out for any suitable images – although you could search for these on the internet and print.

Once you have a collection, think about organising them with the images to create a short poem to reflect your mood.  Have a look at the attached document for some ideas.



Take a break: have a snack, do something physical or enjoy a different activity for a while.



Ever heard of Zentangle art?  It’s a structured or methodical way to produce patterns which can then be personalised.  Have a look at the instructions included.  Another teacher has done a great job of collating lots of ideas together for you to try.



You’re probably hungry by now so take a break and get from fresh air, if you’ve not already been able to do so today.



Well this is where we leave you.  You’ll continue your learning journey without us but we know you’ve got so many amazing experience to enjoy.  Make the most of the opportunities that secondary school will offer you as well as keeping up and developing your interests outside of school.  There are some wonderful experiences waiting for you.  Enjoy them – even the ones that make you a little bit scared!

All the best,

Mrs O’Brien, Mrs Kempe and Mrs Pullin