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Wednesday 22nd July

Good morning Year 3!   




It’s therefore the last cheesy food joke: 

If a crocodile makes shoes, what does a banana make? 

Slippers! laughcryinglaugh


8:50am Word of the Day – mastery 

Find out what it means.  Write it in your book. 


9:00am  Read to an adult 

Write the short date, book title and pages read in your exercise book. 

Reminder, if you are working on Lexia, you should be using it 15 minutes today as well. 


9:30  Maths – Make 3D shapes  


Using the video examples, make as many 3D shapes (cubes, cuboids, prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, etc) as you can using constructions materials.  

edges:  twigs (straight), lolly sticks, straws, spaghetti 

vertices: clay, playdoh, BlueTac, marshmallows 


10:30 am Break 


11:00 Art – Creating and Improving 

Lots of time and creativity for this task. Collect up your leafy paintings from last week ready to make your own jungle collage. Relax, enjoy, be bold and unleash your artistic side! Remember to look, think and make improvements to your work. Send us a photo of your fabulous creations, we can’t wait to see what you talented bunch produce! 😊  

12:30pm Lunch 


1:30 – 2:00pm 

 TTRockstars and MyMaths 

Challenge yourself on TTRockstars and complete MyMaths. 


2:00- 2:15pm Story Time 

Watch out for that sneaky Little Red Riding Hood! She pops up again but is NOT to be trusted.... 


2:15pm  DT - Make dinner for your family! 

Calling all of you Yr3 chefs, you have been amazing with your bread rolls, pizzas, smoothies and menus! It’s time to end our school day, end our topic and end our school year with a deliciously healthy meal for your family... 


You did it! 😊  

If you made it this far following our website work every school day, you smashed Year 3 and we are very proud of you. 

Won’t it be wonderful to see everyone again in September for Year 4?! 

Until then....check out your new teacher's 'True or False' video below and then have a well-deserved, sensational Summer! 


Roald Dahl's 'The Three Little Pigs'

Mr Woodsell - True or False?

Still image for this video

Mrs Patel - True or False?

Still image for this video

True or False - Answers