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Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Year 3!   

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 - Earth Day! 

Today we are ‘off timetable’ to celebrate our wonderful world. 

Are you dressed in green and blue? 



We may be at home but we can still mark Earth Day. Can you wear as much blue and green as possible today? Ask your whole household to join in too.  

We have set up a number of tasks for you to complete if you wish to. How many can you do? 

Please also visit the Eco Schools England website for more ideas.  

Bin Bag Fashion 

Can you create an item of fashion using a bin bag and recycled materials? Maybe a dress, hat or jacket. 

Family Quiz 

Can you create a quiz on recycling for your family? 

Once you have researched some facts you can share the quiz with your household to test their knowledge. 

Electricity Free Time 

Can you challenge yourself to have as much electricity free time as possible? Board games, books, time in the garden, colouring and sewing don’t use any electricity. Maybe you could compete with you family to see who can last the longest? 

Eco Code 

Can you design an Eco code for our school? We are looking for a code that represents our school and how we feel about the environment around us. It could be an acrostic poem of Sussex Road or simply a list of rules. 

Artists for Earth 

Can you make a collage of the Earth using only recycled materials? As today marks Earth Day we would love you to make a recycled picture of the Earth. Can you find all the blues and greens in newspapers and magazines? You could even display this in your window for others to see you are marking Earth Day 2020. 

Our Wonderful World 

Can you write a poem or song about all the wonderful things we have in our world. Let’s focus on the positives and appreciate all the amazing things we are so lucky to have. From bees to trees, seas to our communities. 


Wildlife Watch 

Can you record all the wildlife you see for 15 minutes? This can be from a window or from your garden. You can draw or write the different birds, insects and animals you see in your local area.  

Reducing Waste 

Can you make little reminders for around the house to help reduce waste? For example, turn off the lights, don’t run the tap whilst brushing your teeth, recycle leftover food or even walk/cycle instead of drive. 


Can you help sort the recycling? Not many of us always get to see what items can be recycled and which bins these need to go in. You can help your parents and maybe even make some posters for the bins to help others remember.  






3:00-3:15   22nd April: Do video games play their players?