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Wednesday 25th November



Well done on a great first day learning at home, we loved seeing all of your learning on Tapestry.


Our day is going to look like this today


We have suggested some times for you to do each activity to help structure your day.



Watch the video on Tapestry of our speed sounds. 

You will have a phonics activity on Tapestry for your phonics group. Watch the sound video and complete the activities for your new sound. 



Watch the video reminding you how to take away. 

Look at the example story. First there were 8 oranges. Then 5 oranges fell. Now there are 3 oranges on the tree.  

This story can show us a subtraction number sentence of 8 – 5 = 3 

Can you say the stories for the other pictures and then write a number sentence for them? 


Learning choice time 

Have a look at the grid below and select a learning choice. 




Exercise Can you do Joe Wicks 5 minute move? 

Have a go at a couple of dance videos from GoNoodle  



Look at the video on Tapestry of Elmer’s story map. Can you do the actions with Miss Wilson and tell the story to someone at home? 

Have a look at the story map and the pictures Miss Wilson drew. Your challenge today is to draw your own story map. 


Story time 

Listen to the next part of the Twits on Tapestry.